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Ultimate Guide To Pheasant Hunting

The 18 top Pheasant shooting tips you need to know Shooting game birds is one of the most enjoyable forms of hunting in my opinion, and shooting Pheasants is one of the most fun game birds to shoot. Pheasant shooting is a great introduction into hunting for beginners but has the complexity that can test […]

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Smart Slide Glock Review

Radetec ‘s Digital Round-Count Display At the end of the day a firearm only really needs to shoot straight and not fail you when you need it. However, we know that firearms can do more than that nowadays and Radetec are one of those companies that are pushing the envelope. Who are Radetec They are […]

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Mossberg Patriot 308 Review

The best budget hunting rifle you can buy   I own two Mossberg Patriot rifles (the Predator and the Vortex Combo), which I will concentrate most of the article on but they are effectively the same gun so I will try not to repeat myself too much when taking a deeper dive on them.   […]

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