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The Water Freedom System Review

The Water Freedom System by Chris Burns is a revolutionary system that claims the ability to create an everlasting supply of pure, clean water for literally, pennies on the dollar.

Chris encourages families across the whole of the US and beyond to embrace self-sustainable living, and move away from reliance on the greedy water companies (as he puts it) and the government.

He is passionate about helping others to find true, self-reliant freedom and claims to be able to be able to annihilate your utilities all year with his system.

In the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 that we current find ourselves in, the bold claims of this product are perhaps more desirable than ever before, so we were very keen to review it for you and give you our usual, honest verdict!

Who is Chris Burns, creator of The Water Freedom System? What’s His Story?

Chris is a traditional, family country man – a 57 year old farmer living with his wife and daughters.

Naturally, being an agricultural man, Chris had always maintained an element of self sufficiency in his day to day living, however it was an event on May 16, 2014 that stopped him in his tracks and changed his life forever.

Previously, Chris felt he had “settled” for a less than perfect existence when it came to his energy situation. Living in the Fresno City area, I’m sure you’ll be aware that this brings its complications in terms of water shortages in the area.

Consequently, Chris had been fighting the expensive water corporations for years, who constantly drove up the price or capped his daily water usage.

Being a farmer and having a family to care for, this made life extremely painful both financially and emotionally.

Trying to maintain a positive outlook and stay strong for his family, he thought, “things may improve soon” and “the rates might be lower next year”.

Then, it happened.


Not just a mediocre-level drought , however.

This was the worst day of Chris’ life and a moment feared by all who remember the extended dry period and national crisis between 1987 and 1991.

Chris was forced to leave a huge amount of land unplanted due to the water shortage and was on the verge of bankruptcy until he discovered a system that would go on to challenge everything we think about the water industry.

What is The Water Freedom System Work? How Does it Work?

The Water Freedom System has been crafted from the very heart of personal experience and the latest scientific know-how.

The program features a small, portable generator that forms water from thin air, utilizing the Condensation Principle.

This is concept that is being used in the military with great success to produce clean drinking water for troops in warzones or out in the desert.

You’ll learn how to build this incredibly cheap device with items you can find at your local Home Depot store, even if you have very little technical experience.

After putting together a materials list, Chris will walk you step-by-step through the building plans.

In a matter of few hours or sooner, you’ll have a fully functional water gushing device that will literally self-generate water for you “on tap”!

How is the Product Delivered?

After your purchase, as with a lot of online products these days, The Water Freedom System blueprints will be delivered to your inbox via digital download, so you’ll have instant lifetime access to the product.

You can view these on your computer, phone or tablet – whichever works best for you!

If you have questions, Chris’ team are super helpful, so you’ll be well looked after following your purchase.

How Much Water will the Device Generate?

The Water Freedom System can easily generate 20 gallons of pure water a day. In demanding situations, this water will literally be “liquid gold” to you, your family or even, your whole town or village.

What about “Welling”?

Welling is one of the most popular water preservation techniques out there, but according to Chris and his personal experience, having used the technique for numerous years, it also has its share of shortcomings.

Firstly, there just aren’t enough well drilling companies out there to meet the demands of the public. You could be waiting in a line of prospective customers for over a year to have yours done.

Secondly, the wells must be drilled down to 1000ft which can cost up to $300,000! This is money that none of us really have lying around.

Thirdly, scientists suggest that these wells in barren areas will dry out long term, anyway.

Chris is a fan of welling in those plentiful situations, for extremely wealthy families or, perhaps if your property already contains one after moving in.

But, lets face facts.

Very few of us are in this position.

When it comes to actual, real life and those crucial moments of severe drought, you need something that is really going to stand up and deliver.

The Water Freedom System could save your and your family’s life in a way that welling can’t.

How Much is The Water Freedom System?

The guide costs just $39.69, which represents pretty unreal value for money, by any standards! There is well over $149 dollars of VALUE in the product.

We don’t doubt there are similar programs out there on the internet offering the very same type of product for $1000s. However, making large amounts of cash is not really what Chris is about.

Instead, he’d prefer to help thousands of people across the world to break free of the water companies or stay prepared in the event of drought.

In fact, he already has!

He’s already helped tens of thousands of people across the globe to discover their own Water Freedom with his secrets, helping fill their homes with hope, warmth and love!

For your peace of mind, the program also offers a no questions asked, 60-day refund period, so if you’re not 100% satisfied, the team will refund every penny. So, there’s literally no risk to your purchase at all.

Overall Rating – 9/10 

It’s difficult to rate the system any lower than this, as it really does deliver exactly what it promises.

The way the information is presented is something we hold in important stead on our site and we found The Water Freedom System’s instructions very clear to follow as well as fun!

Although we do have a lot of experience in building our own DIY type devices, we genuinely felt we would have been absolutely fine building this without any technical experience.

Considering how valuable and life changing the information in this program can be, combined with an accessible for all, great value price, 9/10 is a very fair rating, indeed.

To possess an abundance of water in the harshest of climates is one of the most desirable things on the planet! Imagine being able to cast off the burden of worrying for your family or your rising energy bills.

From a health-perspective, you’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that there are no unknown chemicals working their way into your body.

This is of paramount importance in a day and age of processed foods and additives dominating our diets and consequently causing health conditions.

We don’t tend to give 10/10s out at our site, TheSurvivalSpirit.com, so this is almost as good as it gets for us!

We’re quite sure you’ll think so too.

Keep us posted with your results and send in some photos of your devices, we’d love to see!

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