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The Lost Book of Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Remedies by Dr Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis is currently one of the most fascinating and insightful reads in the entire survivalist industry.

Apelian will take you on a journey through time and reveal to you the forgotten genius of our ancestors who were fully aware of the 800+ easy to find plants emanating tremendous medicinal power.

Upon agreeing to take this review, we were excited to get hold of a copy of The Lost Book of Remedies. Being well connected to other websites in this niche, we had heard a lot of buzz about the product and knew it was selling well.

As always, we always aim to bring you the most brutally honest reviews online when it comes to items such as these, so let’s dive in and reveal to you our thoughts!

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies might well be America and the rest of the world’s answer to the rising costs of pharmaceutical products and help to establish modern, holistic independency.

The book aims to raise awareness to the fact that most citizens now spend thousands per year on chemical medication, without considering the alternative, more financially viable options.

There are also the health implications to consider, as the book presents 100% naturally occurring medication to virtually all of life’s ailments.

The Lost Book of Remedies is an ebook that features a collection of herbal remedies from plants that can be easily found across America.

It compiles knowledge from the ancient genius of our forgotten ancestors as well as modern day testing – the best of both worlds, so to speak!

What’s amazing is that most of the plants that the book refers to often pass us by in our daily lives!

Who knew there were so many amazing opportunities right under our feet!

The plants healing and highly coveted properties can treat a range of physical and mental conditions as well as injury and pain, so there are some huge benefits on offer, here.

Who are Dr Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis?

Claude Davis – author of The Lost Ways, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, is no stranger to our website.

Some of our avid readers may remember the glowing review we gave to his work a little while back, so we were keen to see if he delivered in the same way in The Lost Book of Remedies.

For those of you that didn’t catch our review, Claude Davis is a very experienced survivalist, prepper and educator.

He’s had over 30 years of experience in the industry and his works always seem to carry an aura of wisdom as well as a hint of entertainment.

He writes with passion and engagement and this was no different in The Lost Book of Remedies.

The material was clearly laid out, accurate and thorough. He’ll walk you through every step of the remedy creation process, and should you have questions, he’s there to answer your queries.

TV personality, Nicole Apelian, on the other hand, brings a slightly different angle.

Being a qualified medical professional, this should immediately fill you with trust and comfort. Some of you may be thinking the content of this book are the ramblings of a mad-man!

However, Nicole stamps out any doubts with clinical authority and has no problem putting her medical credentials against the product.

Her experience in the scientific field is vast, but her passion and zest for natural wellness, survivalism and life are inspiring!

She’s a mother, a safari guide, a herbalist, then list goes on! She loves to help others tap into their inherent connection with nature and the wonderful outdoors and is passionate about giving back.

Some of you may remember Nicole from the TV series, “Alone”. She flourished in the wilderness for a whole 57 days with nothing more than a knife and her sharp mind!

Guys, if you need evidence that The Lost Book of Remedies is the real deal, this is it! Just catch a glimpse of the TV show, and her skills will do the talking!

It’s great to learn from someone who truly leads by example and Nicole is truly that example!

Perhaps most impressively, she’s also come through Multiple Sclerosis and has been managing her condition with phenomenal results.

After being diagnosed with the disease, she poured all of her medical and holistic knowledge into finding a solution that would go on to transform her life forever, as well as others.

We feel the combination of authors – Claude and Nicole are a grand slam home run recipe for success (excuse the pun!).

You have Claude’s old, infinite experience and wisdom and young Nicole’s wit, passion and fire – the melting pot for an unforgettable and transformative reading experience.

What am I Going To Get?

There is a huge amount of information in The Lost Book of Remedies. This includes:

  • A breakdown and categorized index of healing plants which you can grow in your backyard, showing their benefits and uses.
  • How to find these plants and grow them yourself at virtually no cost.
  • Natural remedies for a variety of physical ailments such as autoimmune disease, blood sugar issues including type 2 diabetes, bleeding, digestive problems and inflammation.
  • Easy to follow instructions to create natural, holistic medication.

Is The Lost Book of Remedies For You?

Are you...

Tired of the side effects of drugs?

Paying hundreds of dollars to “Big Pharma” each month?

Suffering with pain or a health condition?

Wanting to be prepared for a crisis when the pharmacies run dry?

Someone who just loves expanding your survivalist knowledge and want to live a healthier life?

Then, The Lost Book of Remedies is definitely for you. Nicole and Claude have helped thousands of people naturally with their remedies and they can’t wait to help you too!

How Much Does it Cost?

For such a plethora of wisdom and wealth of information, the product doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

It costs just $37, which is a very reasonable price, indeed, for the vast amount of experience and time this book took to create.

Imagine the amount of money you could save if you were able to loosen your reliance on the expensive pharmaceutical companies!

Even just one of the recipes in this seemingly endless guide, would be worth its weight in gold to you.

For your peace of mind, though, the team offer a 60-day money back guarantee, which is very generous. This is because they know you’re going to love what’s in store!

Our Rating – 9/10

We’re big fans of The Lost Book of Remedies at TheSurvivalSpirit.com – it ticks all the boxes for us.

If we had a slight criticism it would be that the product isn’t yet available in video format. In an age where the presence of video is almost the norm when it comes to digital products, we found this a little odd.

However, we’re pretty sure they’ll be working to bring this to you soon and, to be honest, the information was still very clearly presented and easy to understand in its current format.

Overall, we feel confident wholeheartedly recommending this product to our online readers.

We thoroughly enjoyed working through the guide, learn a bunch and came out more readily armed to take on the great outdoors, prepare for a coming crisis and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

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