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Survival Frog Review

Living in this world can be very dangerous and daunting.

All the natural and technological disasters and pandemics that constantly surround us make us feel that we need to prepare for the next shockwave that waits for us around the corner.

We can only thank our destiny that we all were born in the technological era, and there are resources on the web that help us to prepare for any of life’s unforseen circumstances.

Today we will discuss one of these amazing online shops, whose calling is to help us prepare for those dark days. 

Let’s learn about Survival Frog

More than ten years ago, the Survival Frog online shop was founded by one man who wanted to share his wide and precious experience in the survival field with other passionate survivalists.

He and his staff decided to create an online store to bring to life their favorite slogan: “Preparing Made Easy.”

This slogan is now embodied in the brand values of Survival Frog. They strive to provide “an amazing buying experience” to customers across the globe.

The company offers a plethora of different products for survivalists, preppers, or just wise people who prefer to have a thing or two prepared before the hard times come.

Survival Frog team also actively participate in charity organisations, such as in Make-A-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots, and TheKitchen.com. We love to see this.

So, now you have a picture of what goes on inside the company, let’s go to the products themselves to learn what and how you can purchase on the Survival Frog website.

First Section: Survival Gear

From tents to emergency ponchos, you can find everything related to surviving equipment in this part of the website.

The website has a very useful category system, so if you are interested in power sources, tools, lighting stuff, or anything else — boom, it is here under survival gear.

Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0 - Waterproof & Windproof Lighters - Flameless Top-Facing Dual Arc Plasma, USB Rechargeable Electric w/Built-in Flashlight, Camping, Survival Fire Starter (Orange)

On Survival Frog, you can find tools, and items for every kind of hiking trip, camping adventure and even long expeditions.

From small tools like camp shovels, fire starters, knives, and lighters, to complicated devices like compasses and solar power banks, the assortment of survival gear, here, will serve any purpose and help any cause.

We also need to mention that the website offers survival tools from their own brand that has a great and established reputation.

However, if you want to try something else or need a product from a different brand, you will find everything you need!

Second Section: Food & Water

Water and food are the first things that everybody should think about when it comes to survival.

Yes, emergencies can vary, so it is best to have a decent selection of meals and prepared cans with water if you are locked in your house for a long time, or find yourself in the woods with nothing but your handy survival kit.

In the Survival Frog online store, you can find everything to help you stay healthy, happy, and full during all catastrophes that life will throw your way.

As for food, there is quite a range to choose from. Here, you have some theme packages, like fruit mix bucket, vegetable mix, or a breakfast bucket.

As for whole meals, everybody can find something to enjoy during camping or a lockdown: vegan options, meat-lover meals galore, any kind of vegetables, delicious entrees, complex dinners, breakfast dishes, and to-die-for snacks.

There’s a lot, here, to taste test! You can buy a single meal for one, a bucket for multiple servings, or even a healthy and nutritional menu for a month.

You can also find special emergency food bars that are very dense in calories (starting from 400 calories per less than 80-gram cookie) and will help you survive during the most extreme of situations.

They are very small, lightweight, and can last for five years on your shelf, so you’ll want to grab a small supply of these for when you go on mountain hiking or on an extreme camping trip.

Anything can happen in the great outdoors, so these are an absolute, “must have” item.

Now we move to the water section, and here we have our usual buckets, carriers, and containers to stock up on water.

But there are many other cool products, like water pouches, compact filters (even personal straw filters), and purification tablets in this section.

As for the tablets, you’ll find these especially useful if don’t have immediate access to a fresh water source, or you suspect your water supply is contaminated.

The last part of this section addresses various luxuries for comfortable eating during camping or survival trips.

You will find here small bundles with all you need to cook and eat your meal from single multitools like sporks, and some very comfortable silicone utensils that are both durable and compact.

Third Section: Energy & Radio

If you’re going to be spending time in survival sheds and bunkers, you need energy sources to create heat, fire, and light up your surroundings.

In the Energy & Radio section of the Survival Frog website, you can find almost everything to make your surviving experience a lot more comfortable. First of all, take a look at the wide range of portable generators and power devices.

There’s a range of decent energy devices for camping that have about 8,5 hours of power supply and solar panels, meaning that can be recharged during the day to serve you at night.

If you are looking for something more serious, you can find heavy-duty “power-house” generators that will work for up to sixty hours, providing you with all the energy you need.

And of course, there are many variants in the middle of these ranges, so you can choose the best option for your needs.

Also, Survival Frog offers a great variety of solar panels, which can be permanently installed wherever you want, or you can transfer them, taking them with you on camping trips or hikes.

Fourth Section: Kits

This part of the website is dedicated to people who have a passion for surviving but don’t know what they need.

Or maybe you are a first-time camper who needs a quick and easy survival kit.

We find these pre-made kits to be very helpful, even for an experienced traveller, because you can try many new options inside one kit at a discount price.

In the Kits section, you can find different themed kits, like Communications Survival Kit, Disaster Essentials Kit, Basics Kit, All-in-One Kit, etc.

There are kits with food, only with specific tools, or universal ones on the website.

Prices vary from eight dollars for the smallest and up to a couple of hundred for fuller multipurpose kits.

If you are new to survival, this is the section that you need to look at first to find inspiration and build up a vision of what you’d like to try.

Fifth Section: Camping

Here you will find some of our old friends that we have already seen inside the website’s other categories, like personal water filters or purification tablets.

Survival Frog Tact Bivvy 2.0 Emergency Sleeping Bag w/Stuff Sack, Carabiner, Survival Whistle, ParaTinder - Compact, Lightweight, Waterproof, Reusable, Thermal Bivy Sack Cover, Shelter Kit (Orange)

This particular section will help you discover what you need to put in your survival kit to make it complete for a specific purpose — camping.

From the smaller things like a pocket compass to huge packs of food, everything is specifically gathered here to help you create the ultimate camping kit.

Sixth Section: Masks 

COVID-19 is now our reality, and it seems that this nasty illness will not let go of humanity for a long time.

Speaking from experience, it is certainly something you should fear, so preventing it is of utmost importance.

It should come as no surprise that a professional website, like Survival Frog, dedicated the whole section of their website for this personal protective equipment.

On the Survival Frog, you will see a decent selection of masks to suit every taste and budget. You can choose from reusable cotton masks that are very soft and durable.

They have multiple layers, and studies show that these masks protect as well as medical nonreusable ones if they are properly disinfected.

Also, there are different disposable masks for campers or just for people who can’t afford cleaning-based masks often enough.

In addition, you can buy KN95 masks with filters, and activated carbon filters for regular cloth masks.

These are very useful for anyone who is immune-compromised or has some chronic illnesses. You can never be safe enough, and remember, if you wear a mask, you help not only yourself but all the people around you.

Survival Frog Blog

The vast majority of top survival shopping websites have a section dedicated to tips and tricks on becoming a survival master. The Survival Frog is of no exception to this rule, either.

In the Blog part of the website, you will learn about different aspects of camping, hiking and home surviving, as well as all kinds of key survival skills!

For instance, in one of the last posts: “Knife Safety: 7 Tips to Keep You Safe”, you also can learn some simple tricks with tools!  

Unfortunately, the website's staff updates the blog very rarely and irregularly — about twice a month with big gaps in between (the last update was back in August), so do not expect a lot of new articles every week.

However, it is a decent blog with good pieces of advice, and we can recommend you to explore it in your spare time.

Shipping, Return Policy, and Frog Points

Survival Frog is a USA based company, and they only offer shipping to customers based in the States and Canada.

However, according to their website, some of the website’s products are available on Amazon EU, so if you want to buy any of their products from Europe, consult customer support.

Survival Frog QuadraPro Solar Charger Power Bank - 5.5W 4-Panel Portable Wireless Phone Charger - Compatible with iPhone, Android, 2 USB Port, Flashlight, Magnetic Case, Hanging Loops - Battery Backup

As for US customers, free shipping is available from $75. As for shipping to Canada, please check rates with customer support (according to the instructions on the shipping page).

They also have a priority shipping method if you want to get your items faster.

The good news is that Survival Frog offers a Six-month Any Reason Refund Guarantee for all products except food, water, and masks.

It is a very generous proposition, and also smart thinking, because some products genuinely take some time to understand if you really need them.

You can also expect a three-year warranty for all your products after the six-month refund period. They really try to make their customers as happy as possible!

The last thing that we want to mention is the Frog Points Program. The Program offers special points for purchases, friends you referred to the website, reviews, birthdays, and social media followings.

You can spend your points on the website like real money and get a lot of cool additional stuff, like early access to sales or free products.

It is a good program that makes customers feel special, and you know that Survival Frog appreciates every dollar you put into them.

Survival Frog Conclusion

When our world collapses, and you witness dramatic changes, the best thing you can do to survive is be prepared. However, this obviously occurs in the past tense!

Amongst all the variety of good online stores for preppers and survivalists, Survival Frog stands out with its very wide selection of products, good reviews, and excellent client experience.

It is worth noting their home brand, Survival Frog that offers a very wide variety of tools and items, in particular, for camping. They’re of superb quality and we’d highly recommend checking them out.

So, exploring Survival Frog was a great experience, and we can name it as one of the best websites leading the survival field, but the final choice is always yours.

We hope this article has been helpful for you. Have a great day!

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