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Roger's Sporting Goods Review

Why you should shop at Rogers Sporting Goods?


If you are into hunting, then you will have surely heard of Rogers Sporting Goods. They have everything you need for a successful hunt.


Who are Rogers Sporting Goods


They are a family-owned hunting retail store which was founded in 1980. They have built their business on providing a wide range of products such as fishing lures, hunting, and waterfowl gear.

To compete with the big boys, they forego the usual 40% mark up that most stores use and sell at a much lower price.

As they sell at a lower price, for this to work they need repeat customer business as they will need a greater turnover of stock than other similar businesses.

Therefore, they pride themselves on customer service, to ensure customer loyalty.


Brick and mortar


There is a physical store, which you can visit. It looks like a fairly big store from the outside. However, when you go inside it is like the Tardis from Doctor Who… it is huge.

On top of that they pack every shelf with a huge amount of stock. This means they will have a huge range of options, regardless of what you want.

This can be a little intimidating when you first visit, because it looks like there is so much stuff, but don’t worry the staff are friendly and are happy to help.

The store is located at:

1760 N. Church Road


MO 64068

Phone – (816) 781-9026

So, if you are within driving distance then pop in… you will not be disappointed.




This would be a very niche article if I were just reviewing the actual store.

Fear not, they do have an online store which is very handy for everyone else that can’t drive there. There are a lot of problems with the internet but having access to places like Rogers Sporting Goods is not one of them.

The website is - https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/

It is easy to navigate around the website and order things, the customer support is excellent, and you receive well packed orders in a reasonable time.

It is not Amazon Prime quick, but I would rather give my money to places like Rogers Sporting Goods.


What do Rogers Sporting Goods stock?


I have been in the area and popped into the Rogers Sporting Goods store a couple of times but for the vast majority of the time I shop online.

So, I will take you through how I shop on their website, as far as I know most things available online are available instore (if it isn’t, it is clearly marked as “online only”), and vice versa.




I usually know what I want when I go onto the Rogers Sporting Goods website, but I stay flexible. The reason for this is that they have an excellent Clearance section.

So, I will have something in mind, and a certain brand I like, but if there is something in the clearance that does the same job and is cheaper then I would be foolish not to consider it.

For example, if I wanted a hunting hoodie, I would not immediately think of getting an Under Armour Storm Caliber Hunting Hoodie. Yet, at the day of writing they have this hoodie was on clearance sale at £19.99, down from $64.99.

That is a very good price and is worth trying. If it is good, then I would be more likely to buy more Under Armour gear, if it is rubbing then I will go back to my normal clothing brands. At $19.99 it is worth the risk.


Clearance Specials


As well as the normal clearance section which I always check first, there is often a clearance sale tile for a specific brand or season.

I am an experienced hunter, and I know by the end of one hunting season what I will need for the next one.

It is always best to try to buy out of season, especially just after the season is ended as a store will be trying to get rid of stock, so they can fill up on whatever hunting season is coming up next.

Just like the best time to buy Christmas Cards is just after Christmas.

They will also often have brand specific clearance sales. For instance, at the time of writing they have a Primos Hunting sale on.

These are great if a brand sale is of a brand that you regularly use, then you can make some really great savings.

It is also good if you have never tried the brand before, because it is a low cost and low risk way of testing them out rather than paying full price for something and hating it.

I will give you a couple of examples I was tempted with.

They had the Primos Pole Cat Steady Rest Shooting Stick down from £162.95 to £39.99.

They also had the Primos Double Bull SurroundView 270degree Blind down from $400.95 to $294.99.


Daily Specials


Then before I go looking in the usual sections of the website, I will always check the daily specials tile. You can get some excellent deals here, so much so I check the website almost daily just to make sure I do not miss out on anything.

The daily specials can be out of season gear that you might expect they want to shift to replace their stock with more appropriate goods for the time of year.

However, you will find sale items relevant to the time of year. At the time of writing it was Turkey season, and in the daily specials they had a whole range of Turkey Loads.

You could get the Kent Penetrator TK7 Tungsten Turkey Loads for $24.99 down from $32.99, that is a great price.

Daily Specials tempt you in, and get you used to shopping with them, then you are more likely to go back later for future purchases. Daily specials are a great way to get you to buy from a shop or online store.

Once I have checked the sale sections, there are 11 other main sections which are split into sub sections for ease of shopping online. Or you can use the SEARCH FOR PRODUCTS area if you have something specific in mind.

The 11 sections are:




They stock so many brands it is a little overwhelming to search through them all. This section is for if you only use one brand for one thing, and you refuse to change ha-ha.

There are hundreds of brands listed but fortunately they are in alphabetical order. I am a big fan of Alps Outdoorz, and luckily as the name begins with an “A” they are easy to find.

A while back I got the Alps Stratus Rain Jacket in a sale, and I loved it. Since then, I have got loads of different stuff from Alps Outdoorz and I have been very happy with everything.




The ammo section is great, they have a huge range at the great prices you would expect from Rogers Sporting Goods.

The ammo section is easy to navigate and even if you are a beginner you will be able to find what you want, due to how they have sorted the pages.

When you click on ammo, you get 5 choices: shotgun shells, rifle ammo, pistol ammo, rimfire ammo, and ammo boxes.

If you click on shot gun shells, you get further options of steel, bismuth & tungsten, game & target, turkey, and Slugs & Buckshot.

Only after clicking on “steel” will you get a range of ammo to choose from. This is a great way to easily get you to the ammo you are interested in buying rather than trying to scroll through thousands of options.




Just like with the ammo section the Waterfowl section is huge. They will have everything you need; I am sure of it. Again, they cleverly take you through a couple of steps before they give you the purchase options.

For instance, one option is Decoys. Once you have clicked on that, you get the options for Ducks, Goose, Motorized, Confidence, Parts, Stands, and Socks & Silhouettes.

Then when you click on Duck Decoys you will get a range to choose from. The last decoys I bought from them was the Avian-X Floating Mallard Duck Decoys Black Water 6 Pack which have worked well for me.




I must have the figure of a mannequin as any clothing I buy fits like how I want it to. If I need a top, I buy a Large and it is perfect.

It obviously depends on your shape and size, but all the size guides look easy to follow so you will be able to buy with confidence.

I am sure you will be able to find anything you want here, from bargain gear to premium brands at great prices.




They have all the footwear you would expect from an outdoor hunting store from sandals, to shoes, to boots, to pull on’s. However, I have found they really excel with their accessories.

They have a great range of repair kits, insoles, cleaners, sealants, and of course gaiters.

I do a lot of hunting in the winter, so I bought some ThermaCELL Heated Insoles and they are an absolute game changer. I love them, even though they are pricey at $129.99 but they are worth every penny.




They have the best and widest range of waders I have seen from a single online store, if anyone knows of a bigger range then please let me know.

They have all the types you would expect from insulated, to non-insulated, to neoprene, to PVC, to Hip & Waist waders.

They have the big brand names at prices that cannot be beaten unless you are prepared to scour the internet for hours, or battle on eBay for a pair.

At the time of writing, you could get the Frogg Toggs Grand Chesapeake Wader for $179.99, that’s basically half the price you will find them elsewhere.




The hunt section is huge as you would expect, covering things like archery, blinds, treestands, calls, and vests.

However, I would like to point out one subsection of the Hunt section which I think they excel at and that is the Game Cameras. They have a great range of cellular, non-cellular, boxes, batteries, memory cards, and accessories.

Not so long ago I bought the Stealth Cam G45NGMAX Pro from Rogers Sporting Goods and I am very happy with it.




They stock and excellent range of optics, chokes, safes, range equipment, and firearm accessories.

I am a firm believer in that you should look after your firearms. If you do not maintain your weapons correctly then you cannot blame the manufacturer if the firearm fails you, when you need it the most.

Afterall what is the point of keeping a firearm in your bug out bag, if when the emergency you have prepared for strikes, you find your bug out bag gun is not fit for purpose.

So, with this in mind I regularly buy from the Firearm maintenance sub section.




The number of lures they have has to be seen to be believed as you can’t understand just scrolling through the site.

If a rival has 20 different colours, then you can bet Rogers Sporting Goods has 200 different colours. That is how many different lures they stock.

On top of that they have an excellent range of rods, reels, tackle, and other accessories.

You can get everything you need for any type of fishing adventure here, and even if you are an absolute beginner you will be able to find what you need.




I am not a massive fan of fish finder’s technology, but if you are then you will find a perfect one for you here. They also stock a great range of trolling motors, boat seats, waterfowl boating, and boating accessories.

The family and I spend a lot of time on the water, whether that is fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. I managed to get all our life jackets online from Rogers Sporting Goods, and they all fit well and we have had good use out of them.




This is basically the camping accessory section, with a range of coolers, backpacks, chairs, knives, sunglasses, and gift cards.

If anyone is stuck for what to get me for my birthday then just get me a Rogers Sporting Goods gift card and I will be very happy.


Final thoughts


I am not claiming that Rogers Sporting Goods is the only place you can get a good range of outdoor and hunting equipment, and it is always prudent to shop around for the best deals.

It is just that 9 times of 10 I find the best deals are at Rogers Sporting Goods, so it is the first place I now look.

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