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Power Efficiency Guide Review

Your electricity bills grow higher and higher every day.

Finding a way to reduce them as much as possible should not only be a priority for every home owner, but in particular, survivalists like us, who value every penny.

For today’s article, we found an exciting guide, called the Power Efficiency Guide that claims that its respective methods outlined can be used for reducing your electricity consumption by up to 65%.

When we came across this book and video series, we couldn't help but wonder how this thing works and whether all the claims in this guide are real?

In today’s digital era, electricity consumption is at an all-time as electronic devices practically suffocate our households.

This, coupled with the surging rise in monthly power bills means that finding a way to reduce these costs has never been more important.

Studies show that five to six different gadgets and electronic devices can be found in the average room of our home.

All of them need recharging or a constant supply of electricity. As a result of this, your bills skyrocket, and despair slowly sets in with each additional bill.

These unfortunate electricity changes have led us to the Power Efficiency Guide, and today we want to review it and give our objective opinion on whether it will deliver the goods for you, so to speak!

We hope you will enjoy it.

Who is the author of Power Efficiency Guide?

The Power Efficiency Guide was written by Mark Edwards, the man that made the invention that will soon change all of our lives.

Mr. Edwards wanted to find a way to help himself, his family and all the people in the world save money on their unbearable electricity bills.

As for Mark Edwards' professional skills, we learned that he is a geography teacher and has no electrical sciences background whatsoever. But he has a great life experience and wants to share it with us.

Either you believe in the knowledge Mr. Edwards shares with us, or you think that geography teachers cannot have any valuable expertise in this field, it is up to you in this case.

Mr. Edwards came up with his ideas that later became Power Efficiency Guide during one very horrifying natural disaster that caused a power outage in his neighborhood.

During a cold winter, the circumstances forced Mark Edwards to create a source of electricity to bring back heat and light into his and his neighbors' houses.

He wrote down his experience and created a simple guide on how to generate electric power for your home, reduce bills and unlock complete self sufficiency in the safety of your home.

What is This Guide All About?

The Power Efficiency Guide can be described in seven simple words: how to build your own energy source.

That's right, the author of this guide/book found a great way on how to bring his special theories to life, and it is surprisingly easy!

The Power Efficiency Guide provides you with very detailed instructions for this process. The best thing is that you don't need any expensive or difficult to access components for this energy source to work: no solar panels or windmills.

The guide provides you with a lot of materials to learn from, so you can be sure that every piece of information will be covered as detailed as possible.

Besides the actual lists, tips, and guidance, you will get an abundance of graphic materials, like videos, pdfs, graphics and diagrams, etc.

All the videos in this program will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to build your own generator, and it is just impossible not to understand them, even for less experienced survivalists and DIYers!

The videos disclose all the materials you will need to finish this project, and you can rest assured that you will get as good guidance as from a college professor.

It is also nice that you can also learn all the information from the videos in written format, because you may be that person who better learns from paper, not from a video.

The PDF guides share the same information, but you can print them and keep them in your home like a physical book. Who knows when the next blackout will occur, but you will be ready for it in any case.

The program also has other handy resources that can be used for your generator building process, including some tips on the materials and tools.

You will also get a regular list of essential materials to build the generator and small bonus programs with additional content, such as money saving tips for families, how to go green and how to be more environmentally friendly.

The List of Pros and Cons of the Power Efficiency Guide

A well balanced review always considers all the positive and negative aspects of the given product. We want to show you a breakdown of our thinking in order for you to form the best picture of the Power Efficiency Guide in your head.

Pros of the Power Efficiency Guide

The guide contains detailed instructions available in PDF and video form. It is an inclusive approach that helps different people to understand the information clearly, thus creating the generator easily.

The guide provides you with clear instructions on how to build a portable source of energy.

That means that if you are a hiking enthusiast, an experienced camper, or just a future thinker, you can build this generator and use it wherever you want. And we all love multipurpose things, so it is a big “yes” on this front from us!

The finished generator is a lot cheaper than any other power source you can imagine. Windmills, gas, and solar panels are very costly, and the installation process can literally make you broke.

The generator can work under any circumstances, yet solar panels and windmills need specific weather conditions to function effectively.

The amount of power you will get from this generator is enough to serve your entire house and family.

It will depend on the number of appliances you have, but the generator will be powerful enough to provide you with electricity for a bunch of devices for some decent amount of time.

The author claims that his invention, the Power Efficiency Generator is extremely safe, and you can feel totally secure if you need to use it near your house or any other flammable building.

It is quite an unbelievable one, but our author claims that the generator will need close to zero maintenance, which makes it one of the most sustainable to use domestic sources of energy we've ever seen.

This is a bold claim, but could help you to save even more money in comparison to a regular generator.

The generator provides you with clean energy that does not harm the environment, so you will not pollute our planet with coal, gas, or any other waste.

It is an incredible option for vegans or just for people who value eco-friendly living.

Refund guarantee. The words say it all. You can find out a little more about the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee in the Where You Can Buy the Program part of this article.

So, in theory, the generator that you can build with the The Power Efficiency Guide looks close to perfect!

Are there any cons for this product, or will we leave this as a rare, flawless review. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of negative sides to this guide, and you can learn about them here.

Cons of The Power Efficiency Guide

So, one of the most notable and annoying flaws of this and many other survival guides is that they are strictly online sources.

If you cannot connect to the World Wide Web, you cannot use it. It is a true bummer because a lot of us want to use our survival books and programs specifically in the times when electricity is unavailable.

This guide is quite long. There's a lot of information to go through, and it can be too much for some people.

It has many scientific terms and things inside, and even being fairly easy to understand.

Although the guide is extremely well presented and clear, we can see that it might be too hard to follow for those less technically able, shall we say, or with zero experience in the DIY field.

So, if I buy it, will it work?

Upon looking for real reviews and analyzing them, as well as trying out the product ourselves, we came to the conclusion: yes, it works!

And the answer is so easy because there is nothing miraculous or unusual in this guide. Mr. Edwards does not invent the wheel.

He just applies the spinning principle technique, utilized by today’s modern electric cars to his invention, resulting in massive power production!

You might also be asking if this generator will work on a consistent basis or it needs special conditions to produce electricity?

If you follow all the instructions and set everything up correctly, the generator will provide you with a reliable and stable source of energy that works continually and smoothly.

Where Can You Buy the Program?

The Power Efficiency Guide is available online from the author's official website via this link: Click Here to get Instant Access to The Power Efficiency Guide.

The digital copy costs around $49, and you’ll get instant delivery of your product via your e-mail.

In terms of price, we feel this represents exceptional value for money. Mark Edwards could charge 50 x this price and it still be ridiculously good value for money.

You also have two whole months to find out if the methods proposed by Mr. Edwards are suitable for you and gain a refund.

After speaking to their team, we found out that their refund rates are actually very low indeed. It’s a quality product, though, so we don’t expect a refund to even cross your mind.

It is worth mentioning that you get, not only the Power Efficiency Guide upon your purchase, but also a selection of bonus books!

At the time of writing, you will also get four additional books with your Power Efficiency Guide purchase: Power from Smith Generator, Reducing Energy Waste, Electric Lighting History, and Meyer Magnet Motor.

You’ll also have personal one on one guidance and email support from the author, himself, should you run into any difficulties with the guides or want to ask any questions at all.

This is something we always like to see when we are conducting our product reviews, here at TheSurvivalSpirit.com, so The Power Efficiency Guide certainly gets our seal of approval on the customer service front.


So, to sum up, our impressions from experience with this guide are very good indeed.

It is a good guide that gives you a vital and practical resource on how to become independent of the electricity companies and start receiving electricity from a source that you built with your own hands!

It is a great guide that can help you to survive the most unexpected of natural disasters, technological catastrophes, or just have a way to save more money.

This is an insanely good guide for families and households that want to create their own power source and start living a more eco-friendly lifestyles, or even completely off the grid.

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