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Off Grid Trailers Review

Living off the grid is a new trend of the twenty-first century.

This trend perfectly mirrors our unstable times after the recession, and now people want to experience something more stable and overall, an easier way of living without the negative aspects of modern life.

We also cannot forget the hard times of COVID-19 we are experiencing right now and the amount of damage it created for all of us, especially for the travel industry.

However, there is one website that proposes to you an answer to your prayers and an ultimate solution for all camping problems: the Off Grid Trailers company.

Here you will find a wide range of “off the grid trailers” that can be attached to your car and unlock the travelling opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

What is offgridtrailers.com?

This website is a project of passion that was created in order to unite all the people who love camping and want to experience it on another level.

In the About Us part of the website, you will find that the creators of offgridtrailers.com wanted to free people from the obligation to obey the rules of campsites or rental cabins.

Do not get us wrong, the creators of offgridtrailers.com and, we too, believe that campsites and rental cabins are a great way to spend your holiday, but unfortunately, you can't find them in every spot you want to go.

Sometimes there is a proper campsite near the place you want to visit, but the price is too high, or other circumstances come in your way, and you just can't visit this campsite.

The offgridtrailers.com founders also wanted to give opportunities to see all the rainforests, backwoods, desserts, and mountains of the United States of America and Canada in all its glory and not on the beaten paths.

This is how the idea of off-the-grid trailers was born and the dream started becoming a reality and changing lives for the better.

Since the first trailer that was made by the hands of the offgridtrailers.com team, they have been constantly evolving and trying to create the best experience for their customers.

As it said in the About Us section of the website, the offgridtrailers.com team believes that all the innovations need to be based on customer's feedback.

It means that with every trailer they make, they also take another step towards perfection.

Offgridtrailers.com is an innovative company that are not afraid to push boundaries, but are also passionate about doing it.

They want to make your trailer as perfect as it is possible and help you have the trip of a lifetime time and time again.

What offgridtrailers.com offers to its customers

On the website, you can find two very attractive offers: you can choose a trailer that is done ready to go wherever you need, and you can customize a chosen trailer to fit your needs perfectly. 

As for the assortment of trailers, there are three different kinds of trailers you can purchase on offgridtrailers.com. Technically there are four, but you will see what we mean.

The Expedition 2.0 trailer

It is an award-winning trailer that is made from metal from head to toe. Your off-road friend is a perfect combination of comfort and durability. As we said, it is a full-metal trailer that is perfect for off-road use.

You can fully rely on this trailer because it has improved mildew and mold resistance features, plus other amazing qualities that make it almost unbreakable: it will not let you down if you are on your way to adventures!

The standard Expedition 2.0 trailer has a durable fiberglass floor that is perfect for harsh conditions: it is very easy to clean, and it is extremely stable.

The trailer also has a little mobile kitchen with a compact stove (paired with a propane tank) and a sink to clean your hands after a long day of exploration.

You will be so happy to cook excellent meals, prepare coffee, and just make any other kinds of convenient food or drink on this stove for your family.

Also, there is a capacious 55L fridge for your food and, in addition, you will get storage for thirty-one gallons of water — that's quite an amount for the family!

You can even sleep in this trailer because, despite its compact size, you will also get a high-density mattress made from luxury memory foam to sleep well in, even if you are on the road.

But the best we kept for last: the Expedition 2.0 trailer comes with an outside shower box and hot water. Now it is glamping, not just camping!

And there's so much more too, like the 1000W inverter, exterior LED lighting, USB outlets, etc. And all of this you can get in the basic version!

As for additional options, here you can do almost everything — check out offgridtrailers.com to learn more.

Pando 2.0

This cute, full-metal trailer is a compact embodiment of a comfortable and very nice vacation. You can go everywhere with this guy, and you will be ready for any adventure once you travel with your Pando 2.0.

Pando's interiors are very minimalistic, but you have a very durable thermo-lite and fiberglass floors inside, made to last forever.

They are mold-resistant and non-absorbent, so you can easily clean it to prepare for your next great adventure.

The trailer has a roof rack and adjustable rear storage to put your stuff in it. As for the roof, you also will have a multispeed reversible roof vent to provide you with access to fresh air.

Now you can cook in your trailer thanks to an aluminum propane tank that gives you an opportunity to use a domestic dual burner with a glass top. We are sure that the food prepared on these burners will be amazing.

To store your food, you get a real domestic fridge/freezer, so if you want to make a BBQ far away from home, your meat will be safe inside the fridge.

As for water supply, with Pando 2.0, you get a 33L supply of water and an onboard freshwater tank.

Not bad for such a compact trailer! You will get access to an outside shower box with hot water and a custom stainless steel sink with hot and cold water options to clean yourself in a trailer.

You can do all your stuff even at night because the trailer has exterior lighting powered by a 1000W modified Sine Wave inverter.

You can even get, as an additional option, a plasma tv to be installed in your trailer.

Oh, what a romantic night you can spend under starts, watching your favorite movie! And you will be lying on a high-density memory foam mattress that is both very comfortable and easy to place in the trailer.

As you can see, Pando 2.0 offers a lot of things similar to Expedition 2.0, but this one is a little bigger, has more to offer (two burners instead of one), and will be suitable for a bigger family.

And, as for additional options, it has a plethora of them too!

Switchback version R and version S

These two trailers are the variations of one Switchback Off Road Utility trailer that combines the comfort of a compact trailer, excellent storage unit, and all the features you desperately need when you are going on camping and hiking trips.

With the powder-coated aluminum body construction and excellent mold resistance, this trailer is a perfect option for everyone who wants to travel into the country's most unpredictable areas.

But it is not only durable; it is also very high-tech, and you’ll constantly be learn about its new cool features once you start exploring it!

You will get a solar-ready port, LED lighting package, and a single 12V deep cycle group 31 battery to fill up according to your needs. As for the kitchen, you get your cooking area, a sink, and even a mini BBQ grill!

To make the experience more comfortable, you can use a sweet roof-top tent that will cover you from rain during your cooking process.

There's also a place to keep your water from spoiling and a decent storage area and fridge to keep the food nice and fresh.

This trailer is the newest addition to the offgridtrailers.com family, and we can see why it is so well loved. It is a great variant for couples, small families, or even a group of friends.

With this trailer, you will be able to experience the vacation of your life, no matter where you are going.

Purchasing and building process

Well, the process of purchasing the trailer is very easy and transparent. Once you show your interest in the trailer, you can contact their customer support to learn all the details about your future purchase.

Now we move to the best part of the process — in this stage, you can see your future trailer in the Build your Trailer tool, and now is the time for adding custom specifications.

You can select different options and create the perfect trailer for you. If you have any troubles, the support team will help you to make it work.

Next comes the part where the Client Service Specialist creates the build sheet of your future trailer, and you again can look at it, what features it will have and which extra options you want to add or want to exclude.

After approving the trailer from your side, you sign the sheet with all the information about your order: from production dates to delivery location. Then all you need to do is to wait for production to start!

Before your trailer goes into production, you and your third-party financial company (if you involved one in this process) will get all the documents related to your order and the estimated completion date.

Now you have two weeks to make all the final payments. After that, the production process will start, and soon enough, you will get your awesome, one of a kind and perfect custom trailer.

Of course, there is a warranty for trailers built by offgridtrailers.com, and you can ask for compensation or warranty repairing if you got any problems with it (that falls within warranty rules).

The standard one includes a five-year warranty for your trailer's chassis structural integrity and frames and an additional one-year warranty on trailer components.

If you have some problems with your trailer, just call the Off Grid Trailers customer support, and they will consult and guide you in this case.

The company really values its customers, and you can go to them with an open heart, and they will help you out with anything at all.

We also want to mention that you can order a trailer in Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, the company do not send their trailers overseas, but we understand that in this case, the delivery cost would just be enormous.

As for the cost of delivery in America and Canada, you can discuss the approximate cost with your Client Service Specialist, and it can vary from state to state and from province to province.

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