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My Patriot Supply Review

Preparing for hard times can be a challenging and time-consuming thing for every survivalist or prepper.

In this case, professional websites, online markets, and stores become your best friends – ones that provide you with a wide choice of products quickly, on demand. This is especially true during these uncertain, pandemic times.

In this article, we will review one of the most popular websites for survivalists, MyPatriotSupply.com. We will discuss the range of products this website offers and how beneficial they might prove to be for you and your family.

After this review, you understand how this website can serve your needs and find out whether they fit the demands of every true survivalist.

Who are MyPatriotSupply.com?

This website and online store were founded in 2008 by a passionate group of people that were very fond of all things survival.

You can name them enthusiasts, but their deep interest in survivalism eventually led to “the hub” in terms of online survival food, where a newbie, professional, or simple prepper can find everything he or she needs when the hard times come.

Nowadays, in the demanding and very challenging year of 2020, their work is more relevant than ever. 

We all saw what happened at the beginning of 2020 when a shortage of supplies became a real issue, and some of us were in real danger.

We found ourselves without food, water, and other products that we used to have every day.

That’s why the existence of websites like MyPatriotSupply.com is so important in times like ours, and you too should be prepared for any other surprises nature might throw our way in the near future.

Their website provides high-quality products that cover almost all of your everyday needs, and they can truly help you to survive nearly any catastrophe in the safe haven of your home or in your bunker (if you are lucky enough to own one).

The MyPatriotSupply staff members always try to improve the assortment of products they have in store to anticipate your wishes and cover the minutest of details regarding prepping and surviving.

You can find a lot of customer reviews on their website and find out what real people really think about this store and the products they purchased there.   

What you can find at MyPatriotSupply.com?

The website has four main parts that cover almost any aspect of survival that you can imagine. It is a complex store that offers a variety of options that can satisfy even the pickiest customer.

Here are those four main sections of the website: Emergency Survival Food, Survival Essentials, Water Filtration, Indoor Air Purification.

First Section: Emergency Survival Food

This is one of the most exciting parts of the store in general. When you see a plethora of delicious food options, you just feel so overwhelmed and happy that you now have such a huge range of items to choose from!

As for the food, you can find here everything from dried berries, like strawberries, fruits, like bananas, and vegetables, like peas, to the huge dinner and breakfast meal kits that can last you for weeks or even months.

Here you can find gluten-free, vegan, veggie, meat options, complex meals, pre-made mixes, and standalone ingredients. All the meals are nutritious, tasty, and insanely easy to prepare, even if your emergency kit is very small.

Making every meal that is presented on the website is very easy: you only need a campfire and water to create a delicious, tasty, and very filling meal that will help you to withstand all the hardships of surviving.

You can buy these packs well in advance as all the meals and ingredients presented on a website have up to a 25-year shelf life if you leave them unopened in a proper environment.

But even if something went wrong and you opened an extra package too many, you wouldn’t necessarily need to use it up right away.

In many cases, you can keep the food for one more year before it spoils.

So, if you want to assemble your own surviving package or fill up your shed with survival food, you can do it with full confidence that your meals will survive the test of time in almost every instance

Second Section: Survival Items

Preparing food for survival is awesome.

However, you will need a lot more other things to create a proper survival kit that will help you to be prepared for tornados, floods, epidemic lockdowns, or any other social or natural catastrophe in the world.

That’s why you should also take a look at the Survival Essentials section of MyPatriotSupply.com and learn what else do you need in your emergency bag.

Oh, what a range of products awaits you in this category!

Starting with simple, classic stainless steel cooking equipment, like bowls, cups, pans, and mugs, through to a portable shower, this website offers you a whole range of different, useful supplies for camping, hiking, or survival.

Everything here is as high quality as it can possibly be, whilst staying reasonable in terms of pricing.

You can easily assemble a starter kit for survival with these products. Picking up a fire starter, drinking germicidal water tablets, a couple of cooking supplies, a water container, and a camp axe is possible in just a couple of clicks, thanks to the internet!

All these things are more than enough for a basic survival bag, and you will be totally okay with only these products in your storage shed or bunker.

If you are a little further along on your journey, you have the option to purchase some more technical items or higher volume of food, creating a mammoth stock pile with just a few moments of time and for the best value price on the entire internet!

However, to simplify your surviving or camping experience and make it a lot more comfortable, you can also purchase other valuable goods on the MyPatriotSupply.com.

As we said before, here, you will find portable shower packs, different devices for starting a fire, batteries (you can start a fire with them too!), emergency sleeping bags, and blankets, etc.

You can also find here a lot of products for first aid assistance in traumas and injuries, like Warrior Ice that can be very useful if you hurt your knee or an ankle, blood clot powder, colloidal silver, foot soak, an emergency snake bite kit, plus so much more.

MyPatriotSupply.com is a company that tries to prepare you for every possible event that could happen to you or your family in the wilderness.

Third Section: Water Filtration

We usually forget about water when we talk about surviving kits. We care about the food, fire-starting supplies, and tents, but you can totally overlook the fact that water should be your first priority.

If you get food, you can survive only about two weeks without water, and if you don’t eat, you can survive about sixty days without water.

Maybe these numbers don’t look particularly intimidating to you but do remember that you will feel a gradual deterioration of your quality of life during this period.

Your body will slowly be dying before the critical point occurs and after just a week, you wouldn’t have the energy to travel to find the water you would desperately need…

You should never be without a plentiful water supply.

That’s why MyPatriotSupply.com offers its customers a very wide and useful range of products for collecting, purifying, and storing water for survival purposes.

Here you can find various filtration systems, from simple and portable home filters to more professional options for wilderness and home bunkers.

Also, a small range of water treatment tablets also can be found here to help you disinfect and make any kind of water you find proper for drinking.

You can also pick from a range of nice containers and bottles to store the water you gathered to keep them clean and fresh.

Fourth Section: Indoor Air Purification

We really think that the products presented in this section of the website are now patricularly essential in the Covid-19 era.

Purifying the air in closed spaces like your apartment, small offices, or any other place where you spend most of your day can help you with certain external threats.

If we were to look for faults in the MyPatriotSupply.com setup, we would say that this section of the website surely needs additional items. As it stands, there is only one air purificator here as well as filter replacements.

Daily Deals and Christmas Gifts

Safety is the best present you can buy for your friends and family. That’s why on MyPatriotSupply.com, we can find pre-made kits and some special products that will be really appreciated by survivalists and, frankly, by all people who live in our times.

At the time of writing this article, we do not know where this global pandemic will take us, and any reliable prepping supplies will be an excellent gift for any of your loved ones.

The Daily Deals section of the website is as simple as straight forward as it sounds.

Here you can find some good survival products with great discounts. This is one of the best parts of the website because you know that you can get the best prices for any product, and every day it is different.

It’s like Christmas every day!

Survival Scout Tips

It is the last section of the website where you can learn about different tips, lessons, and tricks on how to survive in various circumstances.

You can find very useful articles about staying in the woods, living during Covid-19 lockdown and key survival skills you’ll need to know, etc. All the articles are straightforward to read, and well written.

The blog is actively updated and you can find a new article or two every week there. 

Shipping and Availability

The MyPatriotSupply.com team are located in the United States, so you can expect fast delivery of your supplies if you live there.

The website warns that delivery to the most remote areas of the country can take a longer time (from 3 to 4 weeks).

However, since the products on the website have a very long retention schedule, prolonged shipping is not a big deal.

You can also order supplies from this store if you live in Canada, but there are no other international shipping options available on the website right now.

As for the returns policy, you can return any of your items during a thirty day period with no questions asked. The products should not be opened or damaged in any way by you.

However, if you find that your order was damaged during the shipping process, you can call their customer support and ask for a refund or a replacement.

As for free shipping, you can expect it for orders over $99. For any sum below this, you will pay $7.95 for shipping.

For all food products, MyPatriotSupply.com provides you with a Product Quality Assurance Guarantee for 25 years so that you can be absolutely sure that all your food purchased on this website will be fresh, free of damage, and delicious to eat during the next 25 years.

Conclusion and Our Final Thoughts – 10/10

MyPatriotSupply.com is an exceptionally good company and website with a very wide range of survival food and products that can keep you safe, warm, healthy, and well-fed during any natural or social catastrophe.

In fact, they are probably the best in the world.

You will be delighted to find how many different food options available on the website for everyone — gluten-free, vegan, meat-lovers meals that are both nutritious and delicious. They have it all!

The assortment of survival essentials available on the website is also very impressive.

There is no doubt that the founders of MyPatriotSupply.com have a full understanding of our needs as survivalists.

There are also plenty of discounts, daily deals, and other awesome and interesting offers that you can find on the website.

Our final verdict — the world’s leading survival food website that provides you with everything you need for successful survival.

Have a great day, and good luck surviving!

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