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EZ Battery Reconditioning by Tom Ericson Review

Creating new ideas to help people in their day-to-day chores in the age of technological superiority is not an easy thing.

However, every day we see new guides, books, or videos on Youtube, dedicated to the survival theme or prepper topic.

One of these particularly popular online guides, The EZ Battery Reconditiong Program, will be the center of this review today.

This program appeared on the web a couple of years ago, and since then, we have seen some contrasting reviews about this guide. Some users find it as a solution to their problems, and some don't think it is worth their money.

Well, we, The Survival Spirit decided to analyze this guide and find out if it is good enough to be bought for your personal collection!

But, before we jump into our (as always) brutally honest review, we need to say a few words about this guide's creators.

About the Authors of EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

The program was created by two people, Frank Thompson and Tom Ericson, who gathered different methods and ideas to make EZ Battery Reconditioning possible.

Mr. Thompson had a strong background in this area since he was already the owner of a battery service and reconditioning company.

When Frank Thompson met Tom Ericson, he shared his knowledge with him, and the guide was born in the head of Mr. Ericson.

The idea to create a program that would show ordinary people how to restore different batteries and make reconditioning easy was nothing short of genius.

Mr. Ericson's enthusiasm and Mr. Thompson's experience and knowledge made this Program possible and, most importantly, accessible to pretty much anyone on the planet with an internet connection.

And from that one idea was born EZ Battery Reconditioning. Their once, chance meeting has changed theirs, and, possibly, your life.

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

We can now move further to the guide itself and learn what you can find in the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program and how it can help you to restore your dead batteries.

We must say that this guide came across us very suddenly. We were browsing Facebook and clicked on an advertisement, but we must say, it was an immediate spark of interest.

Diving deep into the author’s theme only fueled our curiosity, and we could not wait to buy the guide, try its methods and review it on our site.

As for the concept of the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program, it is quite simple. Authors offer different ways to restore dead batteries, using very simple and often available supplies.

In this guide, you will learn how to make your dead batteries full of energy and ready to go, even if you thought that all hope is gone for them.

You can apply the tips and tricks from this book to any rechargeable batteries that you need to bring back from the dead: for example, you can use them on your car batteries, laptop batteries, or AA and AAA Batteries.

If you use the program, you can save literally mountains of money on batteries and make them work as long for as possible. Not forever, but at least a lot longer than you would conventionally be able to!

Another yay to this guide comes from our eco heads! Batteries that are not properly recycled can cause significant damage to the environment, so reusing them is music to our ears.

How Does the Program Work?

At this point in our review, you might be thinking that the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program is some kind of miracle, but actually, it is all about science.

This Program is not some kind of scam – it is just a proven method that works. We want to give you a little glance at how this guide is put together and show the easy steps suggested by the author in the book.

Of course, in the guide, you will get a lot more instructions, details, and tips than in this little sneak peek.

However, this quick glance under the curtain will be good enough for you to form an opinion, whether you need this course, or is it just a waste of time.

So, these are the steps on how to restore your batteries that you will come across in the guide.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Sneak Preview

Part 1. Collecting all the tools that you will need in the process

You will get a list of essential tools that you will need in this process and detailed explanations on how to use these tools.

Here we can applaud the authors for very great instructions that will be easily comprehensible even for people who do not have any technical background.

Part 2. Finding the batteries for reconditioning

This part of the course tells us all about the different batteries that we can find around our house and whether it possible for you to use them in the process.

The authors also determine conditions that any battery should meet to be eligible for the recharging process.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use a wide range of batteries for the reconditioning, and Mr. Ericson and Mr. Thompson will discuss all the aspects of finding the right battery in more depth.

Part 3: All about the core principles and detailed descriptions of the reconditioning process

This next step in the guide will involve all the specific details and in-depth instructions on how to perform this reconditioning process. This is a core part of the course, and here you will finally learn why this method works.

The authors provide you with a lot of graphics, images, and diagrams to help you better understand the process and make it very easy for you to do.

We found this part of the book quite knowledgeable but still easy to swallow, so even if you are not a professional battery reconditioning specialist, you will find the Program easy to understand.

Part 4: Save your money or make some more!

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program comes with one bonus aspect! Here you will get instructions on how to resell reconditioned batteries and earn some money in return.

It is a prosperous market, and we think that you can use the business tips that the authors share in this part to create a new foundation for your future success.

Positive and Negative Aspects of EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

You may think that we consider this Program as a perfect solution for battery reconditioning enthusiasts, but like any other thing in the world, this one has its own pros and cons too.

In this section of our review, we will tell you about all the good and bad sides we've spotted in the guide, and how we think they can affect your purchasing decision.

Pros of EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

It is very easy to understand all the points and tips mentioned in the guide.

The language of the program is approachable to a wide range of people, and if you need something straight forward that can shed some light on the reconditioning process for you, it is the best guide you can get.

It is an e-book, and you can get access to it immediately after purchasing. You don't need to wait for a long time before it will be shipped to you and pay extra money for this shipping.

The program supports the idea of reusing old batteries, which is fantastic for the environment and for all of us in the long run.

Maybe you still will need to buy new batteries from time to time, but the number of them will definitely be reduced a lot.

The knowledge that you will learn about battery reconditioning will save you a lot of money. It will be especially true with some more expensive ones, like car batteries.

The authors provide you with a very generous 60 days refund guarantee if you did not enjoy the guide.

One of the authors, Tom Ericson, is known for his open character, and if you have any further questions about the guide or the methods described in it, he will gladly answer all your problems (as we learned from different reviews).

Cons of EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

The obvious negative aspect of this guide that is worth noting is simple: safety.

Here you will work with devices that will require safety precautions to taken. You need to be aware of all the risks related to the reconditioning process.

You will probably need to spend some money first before making it back from battery reconditioning.

For instance, you may not have all the tools that are required for this process at hand, and it will result in some spending on these tools.

If you have a lot of batteries, or you want to do it professionally, you will find this point irrelevant. But if you want to do it just once, maybe it is better to buy a new battery instead of reconditioning.

There is a refund guarantee on the guide, but there is no guarantee on the method. Although many people say that the technique works well for them, sometimes batteries cannot be restored.

You might even ruin some good batteries during this process because not every battery will pass through the reconditioning process successfully.

This one, we named in the pros section, but we also want to mention it here.

This one is a con point because you can access the program only via a computer, tablet or phone, and it can be very inconvenient for people who like real books or just find digital content awkward to use.

However, you could always print out the guide and refer to that if you prefer the old school method, so to speak.

Where You Can Get The Program

First of all, the Program is available on the Official Website of the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide, where you also will get access to a short presentation about the book.

To access this at the best value price, click here. You can download the guide and a little bonus from the authors right from the website, and it will cost you about $47.

This isn’t much at all, but also remember how much money you will save once you conquer the process of reconditioning old batteries.

You will also find many reviews on the website from the people who used the Program and had an amazing experience with the product.

Of course, they are all positive, but they are all real and we can see how the Program changed their perspective on dead batteries.

Final Thoughts and Do You Need the Program?

Our opinion for this Program: yes, it is worth every penny. Maybe you will not use it as often as you may think, but an easy and reliable method for reconditioning batteries is something we fully support.

We have come to the conclusion that the guide will work for most of us, it is easy to understand even for beginners, and you also help nature and the environment while you use it!

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