Camping and hiking are popular hobbies, many different people in the world adore. Here at, we’re certainly not the exception!

But these kinds of trips require a lot of equipment to feel comfortable and safe in the wilderness. You need all the tactical tools and devices – your sleeping bag, a food supply for your trip.

Of course, the best way to bring all your stuff to your camp and on your journey throughout the outdoors is on your own shoulders!

Today we will provide you with what we believe to be the best survival backpacks for hiking, camping, hunting and extreme sports like kayaking.

You will be able to choose from a huge range of survival backpacks and find the one that best fits your needs. Enjoy!


24BattlePack Tactical Backpack


Let’s start our list with this big and stable beast that was designed to be your best friend in travel.

This survival backpack was created by a company founded by a combat veteran who knows, first-hand, what you will need from your backpack in extraordinary conditions.

It is a durable and hardy backpack with many cool features that make it stand out from the crowd of ordinary tactical bags.

The manufacturer made sure that you will get a product with undeniable quality.

Upon our first inspection of this backpack, we noticed how nicely all the stitching had been done, how long-lasting the materials looked, and how reliable the oversized zippers were.

They will certainly help you to grab something out of the backpack really quickly and save you precious time in case of trouble.

It is an engineered design created to carry all your things around and be a comfortable backpack for prolonged use. The backpack has a nice breathable mesh for the most excellent and user-friendly experience.

The 24BattlePack is made from a waterproof lining, and you can be sure that it will offer the best protection for all your possessions.

As for extra survival features of this awesome backpack: the manufacturer provides you with a concealed and convenient laptop storage area.

For those more “purist” survivalists amongst you, I imagine you won’t take too kindly to this!

However, for those of you who love to be online all the time, or need to catch up on some work whilst outdoors, this will be a great feature for you!

The backpack is also equipped with a place for a hydration bladder that has easy drink tube access and hanging clips to allow you to stay hydrated on the go.

And the last feature, for extra safety, is a built-in universal hand-gun holster so you can safely carry your weapon around in your backpack.


Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack


The Reebow Gear Military Tactical Backpack is a unique tactical backpack with a handy-dandy molle system, made for attaching various tactical tools.

It is a backpack that can be used in almost every situation: you can make it your survival bag, hunting backpack, range bag, or just a regular backpack to put your stuff in.

It is extremely spacious: trust us, you can put in almost everything there because of its very impressive capacity (about 40L). It will certainly be your go-to camping backpack for longer trips.

As is evident from its name, the Reebow Gear backpack is a military one. It was created from highly durable materials to stand in extreme situations. If it is good for military purposes, it surely will be a reliable piece for surviving.

The Reebow Gear is made from high-density fabric that is a water-resistant and high duty material.

Around the shoulder straps and back area, you also have a ventilated mesh to prevent sweating and to make your experience with this backpack as comfortable as it should be.

There are many little secrets, pockets, and other things in this backpack for you to explore and use. For example, you will get a very reliable waist belt to secure the backpack to you, even if something unpredictable happens.

You will also find a special pocket in the backpack to put your hydration bladder in it. In general, it is an awesome addition to your survival kit, which is one of a kind, but for all sorts of circumstances.


Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack


The best products are usually ones that were created specifically for their purpose. In this case, we have the fantastic Teton Sports Explorer 4000, a backpack that was made for backpacking, camping, and hiking.

And, it is one to love, we must say!

So, we can definitely see that it is something more than just a backpack.

It is a multifunctional survival backpack that is as useful and versatile as your tactical sticks, surviving knives, or any other devices created for campers and survivalists.

Its capacity is enormous: about 65 L, but it weighs relatively little — about five pounds. It makes the Explorer 4000 an awesome backpack even for not patricularly strong or resilient people, or first-time campers.

As for the quality, yes, it is one of the best on the market. It has tons of reviews where people share how durable and high quality this backpack is and how it was useful during their trips.

It was made from superior and sturdy material that is water-resistant.

With the molle system, you can place all the things you want on the outer part of your backpack, and if you don’t like the idea of them being open to the weather, you can use the great yellow raincoat, included with this backpack.

It is a highly customizable backpack, and you can adjust it according to your needs, your size, and your height.

The backpack’s contoured shoulder straps can be positioned how you want them to be to create the most comfortable experience.

You can attach the sleeping bag, water bladder, and a whole variety of other important stuff to your backpack to make it just perfect.


Drakon Outdoors Survival Go-Bag Backpack


The one who will serve you in every kind of adventure you put yourself into. So, you want to go kayaking, camping, hiking, or boating?

Take this Drakon Outdoors Survival Go-Bag Backpack to make your life in the wilderness a piece of cake. Just look at this awesome and compact backpack that is both capacious and very sleek. 

The Drakon Outdoors Survival backpack was created from a waterproof material that can withstand everything nature prepared for you. It will survive any hard snow storms, pouring rains, horrible floods, and kayak adventures!

The Drakon backpack also has an awesome molle system that is so crucial for a lot of survivalists and campers.

With this system, you can place everything you need on your backpack’s outer side and be sure that you have everything on hand during your trips.

From water bottles to frying pans, the molle system allows you to properly place all the items you want!

The backpack also includes detachable exterior pouches for all the small things that should be outside for quick availability. Our other favorite feature of this backpack is its roll top.

We find it very convenient for camping because you can easily adjust it for your personal survival kit.


Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack


This is one of the cutest survival backpacks we have ever seen. In addition to a beautiful design, this lightweight and capable friend has many features you can wish for in your perfect tactical backpack.

We will start with the molle system that was added to this backpack to give a lot of opportunities — you can now add all the important tools, devices, and other survival things to your backpack and carry a lot more stuff than with just a simple bag.

The backpack is made from heavy-duty materials and has one more special thing for your comfort.

We talk about a patented Combat Vent System that makes your time in this backpack as comfortable as it can be. No sweating, no overheating, just the best experience in this backpack.

Of course, this backpack is water-resistant and will keep your stuff dry for you during heavy rains or other nasty weather conditions.

You also get comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps with cotton lining. Camping has never been so comfortable!


Tactical Military 1050D Backpack


Tactical Military 1050D Backpack is a modern and extremely durable tactical backpack that is both capacious and lightweight.

It is perfect for experienced campers who want to have everything at hand during their trips and look for both the reliable and comfortable bag to put their stuff into.

This creation of a modern mind is made from hyper durable nylon that will withstand everything you and nature prepared for it. It is very impressive how strong, abrasion-resistant, and overall heavy-duty this backpack is.

It also has a great capacity — it has about 50L of storage. You can fit all your essentials, tools, devices, and supplies that you’ll need during hiking, camping, hunting, or any other adventures.

Well, the backpack as great as 1050D should be equipped with a crucial molle system for all your extra things that should be placed on the outer side of your bag.

You can also attach various pouches to fit even more essential things in your survival kit and make not just the best survival backpack, but the ultimate camper!

Besides being so heavy duty and reliable backpack, we think that one of the most important backpack features is its incredible comfort while you are carrying it.

There will be bumps, long hikes, and difficult paths on your way, and your backpack will take care of your back. Literally. But, with this boy, you will have minimal pressure from the weight of the carriage behind your back.

Comparing it to other backpacks, you think you’ll get a lot less tired from it. No matter how big the number of things you bring on your trip, the 1050D backpack will help you to get it to your final destination. 


Mardingtop 65L Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover


Mardingtop Hiking Backpack completes our list, but being the last one of our list certainly does not make it the worst.

The Mardingtop has a lot to offer for all the campers and survivalists because it is a fantastic backpack that shines bright even on the very saturated tactical backpack spectrum.

It is the most adjustable, durable, and stylish backpack you could wish to travel with.

You can use it to carry a lot of different items, starting from your sleeping bag to all the small tools you will need on the road.

The backpack has detachable pockets, and you can fit tons of things in these capacious boys! For example, the side one can be used to carry 1000ml water bottles or any other large things.

The Mardingtop backpack is a very comfortable one of his kind: you can adjust shoulder straps and secure yourself with chest straps.

These little things seem irrelevant, but they are ones that help you to distribute the weight of your backpack as evenly as possible.

It will help you feel minimal pressure from your baggage and enjoy your hiking trip and ensure you walk pain free!

The backpack is made from water-resistant and durable materials, perfect for unpredictable weather conditions in the wilderness. If it rains on your trip, you also have a great raincoat to cover your backpack from severe weather.

The last thing we want to mention about this awesome backpack is its cool feature that allows you to place a large five-liter bladder inside to carry your water around.

The tube of the bladder can be fed through the top of the backpack to your easy access to the water. After all, dehydration is the worst enemy of all!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our selection of the best survival backpacks. There really is some awesome gear out there these days to help you journey in both style and comfort.