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Best Credit Card Multitools

The 5 best credit card multitools for any occasion


The best credit card multitool would be one that located and then allowed you to chop down that money tree, that every survivalist, prepper, camper, and hiker secretly needs.

Because just when you think you have everything, there is always something awesome that comes your way that you just gotta have!

But sometimes those new things are useful and not just another titanium pot, and if you haven’t already got a credit card multitool you should definitely look into getting one.


What is a credit card multitool


They are an option to replace your traditional multitool, which are generally bulkier and heavier than credit card multitools.

The best credit card multitools are thin, they are lightweight, but they are sturdy, they have multiple functions and uses, and they fit into where you keep your cards in your wallet. Brilliant.

The best credit card multitools will allow you to do a range of daily things like opening a beer, opening a package, tightening, or repairing items.

Or if you are in the woods, they can help you start fires, cut cord and erm… open more beers haha.


EDC for you


Credit card multitools are… or at least they should be a part of your Everyday Carry. If you do not know what EDC means, it is basically the kit you carry around with you everyday day.

It could be anything really like a little torch on your keychain, a Leatherman Tread tool, and probably the most famous EDC… the swiss army knife.


Gifting to others


Whilst these could be an invaluable EDC for you, they also make excellent gifts. For example, you can customise them to promote your brand and/or bushcraft YouTube channel.

You could slip them into birthday or Christmas Cards, have them as your business card, a part of a goodie bag for a kid’s birthday, a promotional gift, or a trade show giveaway.


The Best Credit Card Multitools


Today we will look at the best Credit Card Multitools.


Our Top Pick


Wallet Ninja


Wallet Ninja has been around a while now, and they were making credit card multitools before it was cool to do so.

They were one of the first into the market, and they have lasted the test of time and you only do this if you have good products to back up your marketing.

This is an almost perfect credit card multitool, with a whopping 18 tools. You can get a whole host of multitools geared towards various niches.

But I think this most closely resembles what you would expect from a traditional credit card multitool, and is a prime example of an Everyday Carry.

If you want your glasses tightening a bit, it has you covered.

If you want to crack open a bottle of beer, it has you covered.

If you want to tighten some bolts, it has you covered.

And a pretty cool feature that I like is the mobile phone stand, where you slot another card into the hole, and you have a quick and portable stand for your phone.

Just don’t leave it unattended, or you might find the bank card portion of the stand missing!

The multitool includes:


  • 6 hex wrenches
  • 4 screwdrivers
  • 2 rulers
  • Bottle opener, box opener, can opener, cell phone stand, fruit peeler, and letter opener.




  • Strong: It is made from 4x heat-treated steel, this makes it extremely strong and robust. Which is important as if the card bends, or a screwdriver snaps then a credit card multitool quickly becomes a liability.


  • Tool Identification: The tools are marked extremely well, so you can quickly locate the tool you need.


  • Value for money: The saying “buy cheap, buy twice” seems to have been invented for credit card multitools. If you buy too cheap then you are likely to get substandard products and the tools will not last. However, just buying the most expensive option often means you have just paid for a pretty logo from a premium brand. This multitool hits the sweet spot perfectly, as it is extremely well made and robust, but it is also extremely affordable. I have given these out in Christmas cards to my friends, that’s how affordable they are.




  • Lettering: The lettering is bright and vibrant, but it does start to fade as the years go on. This is probably caused by the rubbing against the wallet. This is a minor issue, and I would rather the lettering that identifies the tool fails rather than the tool itself failing.


  • Weight: They are marketed as the worlds first flat credit card tool, and they are indeed flat, but they are on the heavy side. But they are not annoyingly heavy, and personally I would not sacrifice potential performance issues for the sake of shaving off a few grams of weight.


  • Wallet issues: They do cause wear and tear on your wallet, so be mindful of that if you have an expensive wallet that was a gift from a loved one. This is unavoidable really, as the only way you can avoid this is to add some form or shield or casing. Which means you will be increasing the bulk and weight.


Our second choice


Wallet Ninja Pro


We have decided to also give you the Pro option here. This is not just an XL version of the Wallet Ninja above; it is aimed at a different market and has different uses over the more traditional tools on the Wallet Ninja.

It is more geared toward professionals such as carpenters, contractors, electricians, and plumbers. So, the tools are naturally weighted more towards their needs.

This card has a total of 26 tools, that is amazing.

The credit card multitools contains:


  • 13 drill bit guides
  • 4 wrenches
  • 3 indicators
  • Bottle opener, Metric Square, Nail Puller, Protractor, Ruler.




  • Large number of tools: to fit 26 tools on a credit card is quite frankly incredible.


  • Totally flat: Wallet Ninja claim to be the first totally flat tool in the world, I don’t know this is true, but I’ll believe them.


  • Customisable: If you buy in bulk from them direct, you can fully customise the face. So, it would be a unique business card if you are in the construction business for instance.




  • Confusion: It is easy to think that the pro just has an additional 8 tools on top of what you would find on the normal version. This is not the case. They are different products. So, if you want the full range of tools on both cards you will have to buy both products.


  • Writing: We have had this product for over a year, and the writing on some sections has started to fade. Not a huge issue, but if the ruler section fades to nothing then you have “lost” a tool.


  • Sharp Edges: The design does have some sharp edges, not enough to hurt you when you are getting it in and out of your wallet, but it can cause wear and tear on the wallet itself.


More great credit card multitools


Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool


This is marketed as the ultimate survivalist’s card tool, whilst we aren’t sure about that! but we are sure it is a very good card for people wild camping in the woods or mountains.

And it could be come a very useful piece of kit around your base camp.

It includes: a fine blade with a fire striker notch, ferrocerium rod, 2 screwdrivers, 2 rulers, bottle opener, and a LED task light.




  • Blade knife: the 1.5-inch fixed blade knife is a clever little tool, which is sharp and well designed. So, it can be used for a range of tasks safely.


  • Fire starter: over the years I have noticed my fire-starting pouch is getting rather full with a whole range of products. But this one means if I wanted to, I could get rid of most them for something that fits in my wallet. That’s pretty cool in my book, but let’s be honest there is no way I am getting rid of anything!


  • Light: It’s always handy to have a few lighting options and multiple backups. Whilst I wouldn’t use this as a replacement for the head and hand torch I always carry. This is a useful 3rd option in the unlikely event the first two fail.




  • Pull out tools: The tools pull out and are separate to the card. This does make some of them easier to use, but it means you can easily lose a tool if you are not careful.


  • Light: The light is a nice edition, but at 8 lumens it is naturally only going to have limited use.


  • Price: Quite expensive for what it is, you probably paying for the fact Bear Grylls has stuck his name on it.


MRF 30-in-1 Survival Hatchet Tool Card


This is a great card for survivalists, preppers, and hunters. Not only is it a mini hatchet, but it also comes with an arrowhead… awesome right!?

It is probably the best Tactical Credit Card tool I have used and covers a huge range of needs.

It includes such things as: Tomahawk, Axe, Shovel, Wrenches, Cord Cutter, Sun dial and Ruler. Plus, a whole lot more.




  • Strong: Made from hardened carbon stainless steel, it is very robust which is important for a standard credit card multitool but is very important for a survival based multitool.


  • Minimalist: If you spend a lot of time outdoors, but also want to travel ultralight then this could become a valued piece of kit as it can replace many items in your backpack. Especially useful for overnight survival trips and stealth wild camping.


  • Perfect Gift: It is a unique yet useful gift for anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast.




  • Additions: To get the full use of all the tools, you will need additional items. For example, to make the tomahawk, you will need some cord and craft yourself a wooden handle.


  • Weapon: It includes many tools which some people may deem a weapon, especially airport security. So, it is an EDC for someone that spends most of their time in the woods and mountains, but not an EDC for someone who spend a lot of time in an urban environment or travels abroad a lot.


  • Protection: The hatchet edge and arrowhead are very sharp... as you would want them to be! but the card could benefit from some form of rubber or plastic casing for protective purposes. However, this would also present other negatives like increased weight and size.


Victorinox Swiss Card


This credit card multitool is probably the best option if you want a direct replacement for a swiss army knife or a traditional multitool.

The swisscard is a storage unit for pull out items including: a light, nail file, pen, pin, rulers, screwdriver, scissors, toothpick, and tweezers.




  • Design: It looks great, and the tools look impeccably made and stylish.


  • Versatility: Whether you are opening a letter in an office, or removing a tick at your campsite, then this card contains a great range of useful tools. It truly is an Everyday Carry item.


  • Smooth edges: Because the tools are inside the card, there are no sharp edges to damage your wallet.




  • Light: it seems to be easy to knock the light on when it is in your wallet, which can drain the battery meaning it is not in working condition when you need it.


  • Fiddly: the tools are a little fiddly to use unless you have tiny hands, and as they are pull outs, they are easy to lose.


  • Case: The plastic case is easy to crack, it doesn’t usually make it unusable, but it can look a bit unsightly.




There are a huge range of multitools out there all with different types and number of tools.

The best credit card multitool for you is one that has the most amount of tools, that you would use on a regular basis.

Therefore, you should have a think about what you may need and find a credit card multitool that matches your needs the closest.

But obviously emergencies happen, so if you aren’t sure then it is best to just have a general EDC one, and that is why the Wallet Ninja was our Top Pick.

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