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Backyard Revolution by Zack Bennet Review

Solar energy and other eco-friendly options for receiving power are our future. There is no place for a discussion: if we want to live on this planet and have some kind of independence from the giant electric corporation, it is time to act.

Now is our time to find proper solutions and harness the power of alternate energy sources for our everyday needs. And, of course, as an emergency back-up option.

Our today’s article will review one very interesting guide created by one man, which claims to help you live a much safer and cheaper life with solar panels in your backyard.

The Backyard Revolution is an interesting piece of survival literature, and we can’t wait to dive into it and show you how it can change your life.

Enjoy our review and do send in your success story if you decide to go ahead and purchase it.

Who stands behind the Backyard Revolution?

This amazing guide is not a folklore tale or some urban legend. The fantastic Backyard Revolution system was compilated and written by one person, Zack Bennet, who was kind enough to share his knowledge with all of us.

He has a very interesting and somewhat sad life story that shocked his existence.

Mr. Bennet was an ordinary man who minded his own business, when suddenly, a power outage happened to his home.

And you may think, so what, a lot of us survived a worse disaster than a couple of hours without lights. But here’s the thing – during one of these blackouts, Mr. Bennet was shot by an intruder.

He luckily survived and also protected his daughter from this person, who tried to break into their house, but the damage was done.

And if you think that this story is irrelevant to the Backyard Revolution guide, you are wrong again.

This terrifying incident completely changed Zack Bennet’s view of life and kept him wondering: would that person have entered into his house if the porch light had been on?

We will never know the answer, but we can be certain about one thing: this event encouraged Mr. Bennet to create an alternative source of energy for his home.

Eventually, this evolved and became the Backyard Revolution Guide.

As for the professional skills of Mr. Bennet: he is not an electrician, or an engineer, or any other person with a degree in a relative field.

But we do find the methods that he wrote in the Backyard Revolution Guide to be very helpful for everyone who wants to have a back-up energy source in his or her home in case of emergency.

We can forgive his “not very scientific background”, because after careful examination, we can see that everything he wrote in his guide aligns with modern scientific consensus.

What is the Backyard Revolution? Why is it so special?

Solar panels are not something new. They are very well known to people, and everybody knows how expensive they are.

But the solar panels themselves are relatively cheap.

The expensive part comes when you need to install them.

It is a very, and we mean very expensive service and you will need to spend at least eight thousand dollars on the installation process (in some cases, even more than ten thousand!).

After all of that, you may think, was it worth it in the end? Will it pay off?

Another huge problem with solar panels is the amount of space they take up in your yard.

We all have different life situations, and some of us have very limited backyard space, too precious to use up on solar panels. And yet, you want to save your money and use this reusable and absolutely eco-friendly source of energy.

So, here is the time when we need to share with you the best and the most important thing that you will learn from the Backyard Revolution guide.

It will teach you how to set up solar panels that will cost you only a couple of hundreds of bucks, and the installation process will cost you close to nothing.

These 3D solar panels take very little space in your backyard, but they still provide you with huge amounts of energy for your home.

And this is the thing! From this guide, you will learn how to get a great source of energy for your family that is very practical, needs close to zero maintenance, eco-friendly, and very cheap.

Of course, you will see how your bills literally flatline, right away.

Essential Things That You Will Learn in the Backyard Revolution Guide

When you purchase any guide, you want it to have the most detailed and understandable tutorials that will help you to achieve your goals from the first time you try it.

The Backyard Revolution Guide will not disappoint you in this area because it has it all!

From this wonderful guide, you will learn how to construct, install, and use your solar power panels, as well as how everything will work after the installation.

It is not just an abstract idea: everything in this book is based on scientific studies.

You will get a detailed explanation of how this weird 3D thing works and why it is so effective. Yes, it looks a bit crazy, but science always finds some new, almost unbelievable things that work!

In this guide, there is a detailed blueprint that will be your starting point, and with its help, you will be capable to build a compact solar panel system for your yard.

You will be shocked by how easy it is, despite being a highly technological thing.

All the Backyard Revolution guide instructions are very easy, simple, and you will put together a very practical construction in the end that embodies the word “simplicity.”

According to the author, it only takes about four hours to build a fully capable and good to go solar panel, and, of course, start slashing your power bill whilst saving the environment.

Inside of the guide, you will get a detailed list of all the things you need to purchase to make your own solar battery, different tips on where to buy them (these tips are suitable for users all over the world, not just the United States) and both written and video guides on how to perform this process.

Is it good or not? The Backyard Revolution Pros and Cons

At this point in the review, we can confirm that the final product of the Backyard Revolution guide will be a great solution to your energy problem.

However, it also comes with some negative aspects, and we want to share with you all the pros and cons we see in the Backyard Revolution to help you with your choice.

Pros of The Backyard Revolution

The reduction of bills is insane. Some people who installed 3D solar panels using Zack Bennet’s method claim that they save up to 50% of their regular electricity bill.

It sounds almost unbelievable, but it can be true if you live in areas with a fair amount of sunny days during the year.

It is a lot better than your typical home generator. It is an eco-friendly option that does not produce any waste, and it does not make any sounds.

Just ask anybody who lives in a tiny house and their life relies on the gas or diesel generator: it gets really loud sometimes!

Once you’ve installed your solar panels, you don’t need to buy special fuel or gas to keep it running. The sun is your only fuel, and you can charge your panels for free all day long.

The solar panels that were built with Mr. Bennet’s method will pay themselves off really quickly. Soon enough, you will be only saving with your panels, not spending.

The guide itself is written in very simple language, and you will successfully use it in your solar panel building process because it explains the process well and makes it way easier than it seems.

This is thanks to the great guidance and amazing clarity in Zack Bennet’s instructions.

The constructions you will eventually create and the actual building process take up very little space.

After reading this guide, our personal observation is that if you live high enough in the apartment building and have a big enough balcony, you can even install these solar panels there.

It will not be as effective as in the open space, but still, it is a good emergency source of power.

These solar panels do not require any special care, and once you place them, you can forget about them. Maybe you will need to occasionally clean them from dirt if you live in a very windy place, but it will take seconds.

Since these solar panels are very light and small, you can also use them in any other place than home and even take one with you on trips.

They’re great for camping or hiking trips if you plan to go out in the wilderness and need to have a good source of energy with you.

It takes only one person and very little time to make and place these solar panels in your backyard. This project can be done, literally, in one day.

Cons of The Backyard Revolution

It is not that simple to get some of the materials needed for these solar panels in some parts of the world, particularly outside of English speaking countries.

You might need special insurance and legal approval for using and connecting solar panels to your domestic electricity system in some states, cities or neighbourhoods.

Yes, we know that this project is cheap, but it is better to find out about any legal issues before purchasing anything.

The guide says that it only takes about $200 to build these solar panels, but do consider the fact that this price can vary from place to place.

Maybe, first, you need to check the prices on all the things you will need for this project before you start buying them individually.

Where Can You Purchase a Backyard Revolution Guide?

On the Official Website of the Backyard Revolution Guide, you can purchase it for $39. There’s also a lot of other videos, graphic materials, and informational items added to this guide as a bonus for your purchase!

The author also offers the customers a great 60 days refund guarantee if you want to return your purchase.

It is a great offer because sometimes you buy something that you don’t really need and it turns out gold, but sometimes you buy something you need, and it turns out not to be the right fit for you.

We’re pretty sure you’ll want to keep your guide though. We just mention the refund guarantee to give you some peace of mind.

Our Final Thoughts on the Backyard Revolution Guide – 8/10

Well, after a long process of searching and analyzing we have come to the conclusion that the Backyard Revolution guide is a great set of materials and we do recommend it to everyone.

Mr. Bennet came up with a fantastic guide, and, at only $39, this something of a steal.

Of course, you will need to buy many extra things to build solar panels, but the most valuable and precious thing you get for these forty bucks is the life changing knowledge.

So, we encourage you to purchase this terrific guide and learn how to become independent from big companies and get your own energy from our precious sun!

At the end of the day, it is the only thing that is certain in our lives when it comes to power.

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