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Alive After The Fall Review

Alive After the Fall is one of the most controversial, yet interesting products that we have come across online!

Written by Alexander Cain, it claims to provide some of the best survival solutions in the event of natural disasters or pandemics, as well as a complete explanation of how the current Covid 19 Pandemic and other EMP strikes were predicted in the Bible and other Holy scriptures, long ago.

After coming across these bold claims, we were immediately drawn in and wanted to give our readers our usual, brutally honest review of this product.


What is Alive After the Fall?


Alive After the Fall is a digital ebook that contains every survival skill and trick that you will need in order to withstand any pandemic or disaster.

These skills cover an enormous spectrum, from medical advice and prepping, all the way through to proper sanitation and creating your own energy.

As we have seen this year with the devastating effects of Covid -19, this advice comes at a much needed time in our lives, and should be used by any family in order to protect themselves during this disaster… and the next.

The book also contains a great deal of information that politicians and religious leaders may have been hiding from you.

For many, this is uncomfortable to hear, but arming yourself with this hidden knowledge could be essential to your survival in the coming years.

Alexander Cain literally REVEALS ALL in this book and its contents may shock you.


Who is Alexander Cain?


Alexander Cain is exactly the kind of guy we like, here at TheSurvivalSpirit.com. He’s a passionate survivalist and Professor of Theology at one of the largest universities in Arkansas! Pretty impressive, huh?

Rest assured, you’re in the best hands with Professor Cain. His combination of passion and academic ability for the subject make him one of the most qualified and entertaining people in America to listen to!


What am I Going to Get?


After your purchase of Alive After The Fall, through its easy transaction gateway, you’ll be thoroughly looked after with excellent customer service.

You’ll be taken immediately to the members area where you’ll be able to download or view the course materials.

In the content portal you’ll find:


  • Simple, easy follow emergency food and prepping guides and checklists


  • Proper sanitation and hygiene control methods


  • How to stay alive during inevitable EMP attacks


  • How to properly take care of your family during disaster strikes


  • Strategies to handle chemical attacks with ease


  • How to build a Faraday Cage in order to shield your electronic equipment and devices


  • How to effectively bulletproof your home and guard it from criminals and burglars


  • How to create and maintain medicine during episodes of nuclear attack or disaster


  • Plus much, much more


Alive After the Fall is a true step, by step “ALL IN” Survival Guide that really overdelivers on its initial promises.

We were very impressed with not only the quality of the information, but how it was presented in such an easy to understand format that would be suitable for readers of all levels.

Heck, even a teenager could read this book and be comfortable implementing its strategies with no issue at all.


What Are the Main Benefits For Me and My Family?


Great question! Here are the main benefits of Alive After The Fall that we were able to draw for you after reading it cover to cover several times.

In order for us to fully illustrate this to you, imagine this scenario occurs tomorrow… which there is every chance it could..!

It’s just a regular, everyday evening. You’ve had a long day at work, the TV is on, you’re resting – just like you deserve to.

With literally no warning, everything goes DARK. The utilities aren’t working – there’s no light, no power. There’s not even running water in any area of the house.

You look down at your phone in panic, but that isn’t working either.

Silence all around you.

But you don’t panic. Why?

Because you knew this was coming. Over the coming hours in your neighbourhood and state, there will be mass panic, but because you prepared, you remain calm and unphased because:


  • You know you’re about to implement a step by step survival plan, of which an exact blueprint has been laid out for you inside the Alive After The Fall program.


  • Everyone around you starts waiting for their power to come back and begin to feel helpless when it doesn’t. Not you and your family, though. You know the exact methods to cook and find food without needing any power at all. You also know how to stop the food you find from spoiling over the coming weeks.


  • You immediately realise that the pharma stores are going to be raided FAST. However, you get there before this happens and stock up on the 7 MUST HAVE medicines to ensure the survival of your family that were revealed to you inside the Alive After The Fall book. These medicines will protect you against 84% of diseases out there and those that will start spreading like wildfire after the disaster continues to unfold.


  • You get ready to build the Faraday cage (that you learnt how to do in the program) in order to protect your most valuable electronics from the EMP. These devices will probably be being sold on the black market at the time for thousands of dollars, but you’ll know how to make yours from the common items in your house in just under 23 minutes.


  • You are aware of the 5 VITAL ELECTRONICS that are critical to have once the EMP strike. And, of course, yours are all perfectly safe and secure inside the Faraday Cage that you just made. There will be other survivalists out there, just like you. Together, you’ll create the initial steps to restoring civilization through basic communication and lighting.


  • You’ll be fully prepared to remain in state of complete calm in order for you to take care of your family in the most effective way possible. Although chaos will be raging on around your home, you and your family will be fully trained to deal with any potentially distressing mental issues that almost everybody outside your home will be consumed with. The human mind is the most powerful weapon on the planet when it comes to DO or DIE survival issues. Yours will remain sharp and brimming with clarity, whilst others will simply fall apart, unable to cope with what they are witnessing.


  • You’ll know how to use limited hygiene supplies to their best possible effect through the information you’ll learn inside the Alive After The Fall program. Many people will die of infection during the coming disaster ahead, but your family will remain safe from harmful bacteria, viruses and diseases. You’ll be implementing simple tricks to make your supplies last 3 x longer than anyone else’s!




As you can see – Alexander Cain’s book is simply REMARKABLE. Of course, nothing is perfect!

Although this ebook and survival course is superb in its delivery, the main drawback of Alive After The Fall lies in the fact it is only available in digital format.

Some of you reading this, will obviously prefer a physical book handy. However, you can easily solve this issue by printing it out.

In fact, we’d actually recommend you to do this immediately, as this will give you access to a second source of materials should something happen to your electronic device in the event of a crisis.

As an event further method of precaution, why not print this guide out several times and leave it in various areas of your home?




Alexander Cain really overdelivers in his Alive After The Fall program, as is. The amazing news for his customers is that he also provides a number of FREE bonuses in addition to the program!

As part of your purchase, today, you’ll also be given access to his Nuclear Attack Survival Guide and Surviving the Biochemical Attack books.

This really sets the course apart as an outstanding value for money purchase.


How Much Does it Cost?


Alive After the Fall is actually very good value, considering the amount of survivalist and even secretive information that is disclosed.

It costs just $37 which makes it one of the cheapest survival themed products that we have ever reviewed. Normally information of this kind is priced much higher.

The only option to conclude from this is that Alexander Cain really cares about the wellbeing of his customers and in certainly not “in it for the money”.

Therefore, you can be sure that the integrity of this information isn’t compromised in any way.




The Alive After The Fall program is an absolute MUST HAVE for any serious survivalist, prepper or off grid enthusiast.

To be honest, everyone, not matter what their particular world views are should buy this book, but only those smart enough to think about the survival of their family during these uncertain times will take action and do this.


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