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Ultimate Guide to Long Range Hunting

Everything you need to know to take out game at 1000 yards   It is no more or no less ethical to hunt and kill and animal with a bow and arrow at 30 yards or killing an animal with a precision rifle at 1000 yards. Hunting is about skill levels, experience, and respect for […]

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Best Semi-Auto Shotguns

The Top 10 best semi-automatic shotguns you can buy   Shotguns are great guns for all occasions, from a beginner user, home defense, hunting, tactical usage, and sport. The semi-automatic shotgun takes the standard shotgun and pump action shotgun to the next level, allowing you to shout round after round in quick succession. You load […]

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Ultimate Guide to the "300 Win Mag"

The .300 Win Mag is probably one of the most famous cartridges on the planet. It is a true all rounder that can provide you with long range accuracy but also stop a large animal up close and personal. It might not be the best cartridge out there in every situation, but it does damn […]

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