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Easy DIY Power Plan Review

Easy DIY Power Plan by Ryan Taylor is exactly what it sounds like – a set of plans to build a self-generating energy device.

The product claims to be able to power your home, permanently eliminate your power bill and be able to provide free energy for you and your family during the harshest of winters or natural disasters.

This review aims to get to the bottom of all of these claims, whilst taking an insider’s approach in studying the product by our own very high standards.

Over the course of this review, you’ll hear our honest opinion as well as gaining a vivid understanding of what the Easy Power Plan is all about and whether it’s a good fit for you.

We think you’ll find this this most informative review on the internet. We’ll show you over the shoulder screenshots as well revealing our discussions with the Easy DIY Power Plan owner, himself.

What Are You Going To Get?

This is a digital product, so upon purchase you’ll be directed to the member’s area, where you have the option to watch or download the video tutorials on making the Easy Power Plan.

The premium videos are separated into ten, organised and easy to follow modules.

The chapters are presented as follows:


Tools and Components

Building a Coil

Building a Motor

Finalizing the Coils and Motor

Assembling the Coils and Motor

Assembling the Control Board

The Coil Connection to the Control Board

Final Assembly

Testing Phase

Replacement of the MMG-041 Control Board


As you can see, the videos are in chronological order and explain each of the steps to completing the product in a clear and concise manner.

Some of you will be relieved to hear that here at TheSurvivalSpirit.com, we do not possess any expert technical skills that some people would expect necessary to complete an energy producing device of this type.

However, this was absolutely no issue at all.


Because we literally felt like we were being walked by the hand throughout each and every video (you will too!), both through the presenter’s patient, calming manner and even the cool background music!

Also, we have to say it…

We just love the name! Easy DIY Power Plan makes us smile every time we hear it, as the product is literally that!


Both to make it and the power it produces upon creation.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Easy Power Plan costs just $49. Although this is insanely cheap for what they are offering, there is a huge BUT…

Your jaw will literally drop when you read the next section, below.

Free Bonuses

The product really overdelivers on its content. We were able to cut a pretty cool deal with the owner for you and get you a RIDICULOUS amount of additional bonuses if you choose to buy through our webpage.

Here’s what they are also going to throw in:


Tactical Backpack (Physical Product)

Q5 Taclite (Physical Product)

Evatac Tactical Flashlight (Physical Product)

The 15 Top Ways To Save Money Guide (Digital Product)

Money Saving Tips For Families Book (Digital Product)

Saving Power, Saving The World Book (Digital Product)

Reducing Energy Waste Guide (Digital Product)

Go Green, Save Green! Book (Digital Product)

Meyer Magnet Motor Plans (Digital Product)

Power From Smith Generator Guide (Digital Product)

Electric Lighting History Guide (Digital Product)

How To Be Environmentally Friendly Guide (Digital Product)

Just, WOW!

We’re sure you’ll agree, even with the bonuses alone, are worth TEN times the money the product costs! Make sure you take advantage of all of these generous add ons whilst they are still available through our link below at the bottom of the article.

How Does the Easy DIY Power Plan Compare To Solar?

The Easy Power Plan Method has actually been proven to be 12 x better than solar, according our sources.

If you are considering solar, you have to accept that you will be putting down a painful amount of money up front for the cost of your panels and other necessary equipment.

These costs can easily go into the thousands or tens of thousands and it really is a huge outlay for a small return on investment of both your time and bank account.

The thing we like best about the Easy Power Plan is its simplicity!

It’s something that you can build insanely cheaply yourself, doesn’t take up a lot of room or time and can start being used in a matter of days upon completion.

It’s also fun, rewarding and could even be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone you know who has an interest in all things DIY.

How Easy Is It To Build?

The owner told us personally that he wanted the plans to be accessible to everyone and not “too technical”.

People comfortable with technical projects will be able to make this thing in their sleep, but those less technically skilful with also have absolutely no issue.


Because it really isn’t very hard to build! Easy DIY Power Plan is exactly how it sounds in its name.

If you’re still unsure, you can rest assured that the product comes with a lifetime level of personal, one on one aftercare.

This means that you’ll be taken care of every step of the way should you have any technical questions or need help actually building the product.

When we spoke to the owner, he seemed very personable and helpful and seems to go the extra mile for his customers, which we really liked.

Is It a Scam?

We hear this word thrown around online a lot, but few people ever take the time to really understand what a scam is.

By our site’s definitive, a scam is some kind of defective product or a product that never arrives!

Since this is a digital product that you receive via a members area/download, it’s impossible for this product not to arrive. You are delivered it via email instantly – technology guarantees that.

As to whether Easy DIY Power Plan is defective – absolutely not.

The instructions are clear and the wealth of information is very generous indeed.

The device plans are such good value for money too, I think you’ll be thinking the word “bargain” more than anything after you download the plans.

Do the Company Offer Any Kind of Guarantee?

Of course! For a whole 60-days, which again, is pretty generous!

If you’re not happy with the power plans, you can request a full refund at any time. However, we think you’ll be truly blown away with what you’ll find in the members area.

The product owner told us he has extremely low refund rates, and for good reason!

Our Overall Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

The Easy DIY Power Plan has consistently proven that it can hold its own against other power saving devices.

Now, we’ve not saying that you could power a whole community with this thing! However, you can certainly save money in your home, cut your electricity bills drastically and consequently lower your stress on your finances overall.

When we started using the device ourselves, we tried to picture that extra vacation or two that we would be able to take each year, due to the money we’d be saving.

Maybe try and think about what this could be for you.

Perhaps it would be a vacation. Perhaps it would even be the peace of mind knowing that bills could now easily be paid each month, without the stress of the looming power bill.

For some of you the new energy independence may cause you to move to a different locations and explore different parts of the world!

Either way, the energy sharks are literally consuming us these days, so every little certainly helps in today’s money-hungry day and age.

Give up on being “the little guy” in the power game and start taking control of your future and independence.

If you’re looking for simple, fun project that can save you money and help eliminate your power bill for ever, as well as helping your family to survive any kind of natural or man-made disaster, should it occur, Easy DIY Power plan is the way to go.

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