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Best Shooting Gloves

The 8 best shooting gloves, and why you should wear them


If you are a semi-regular shooter at your local indoor shooting range, then you can probably get away with not wearing any gloves. As you are in a warm and consistent environment and you are not firing off thousands of rounds.

If you spend a lot of time in an indoor shooting range firing a lot of rounds, or you shoot outdoors then I would recommend you consider using shooting gloves.

I do most of my shooting outdoors, and in my opinion shooting gloves are a must. They protect me from the elements… try shooting a gun barehanded when they are cold... its no fun… in fact it can be dangerous.

But they also protect me from the gun and the shooting process itself.

A good glove suited to the type of shooting you are doing, could be the difference of hitting or missing an animal, or the difference between 1st ad 2nd at a competition.


What are the 8 best shooting gloves


That’s a tricky question, because there is a lot of different types, and different features the best shooting gloves will need depending on the type of shooting you are doing and why.

These are my 8 favourite pairs of shooting gloves, which I own or have owned and would buy again:


Beretta Pro Mesh Fingerless Gloves


I am not a massive fan of fingerless shooting gloves normally and I prefer full finger gloves. However, I understand why people like them and want them. It is just that my preference is for full finger gloves usually.

I do like these fingerless gloves though and they are very good for hot and humid summer days.

They are very lightweight and are very breathable. If you have a problem with sweaty hands then I would definitely recommend you try these out.

Apart from the breathability the main reason for buying a fingerless glove is that you want that extra grip but without the loss of feel with your fingers. And these shooting gloves have excellent grip.

However, I generally only wear these in mild conditions, so I cannot recommend them for more extreme conditions because I do not use them in such circumstances.

I have been very impressed with the craftmanship and quality of the materials used in this glove, and because I don’t shoot in them daily, I think these gloves should last be a good few years.


Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves


These are a full finger shooting glove, with rubber palms and elasticated back. They come in two sizes S/M and L/XL, which is something they could perhaps improve one.

These are a budget glove, and sometimes buying cheap means buying twice. A budget glove is only worth it if they do what you want them to do but last well in comparison to a premium glove.

If a budget glove is half the price, but the premium glove lasts 3 times longer, then you should go premium.

However, these gloves last almost as long as a premium glove, but they are a great price. So, that makes these worth buying.

The two things I like about this glove apart from the price, is that they have a good amount of palm protection against recoil and they protect you from potential slide bite by having additional protection on the web of your thumb.

But even with the good level of protection, they do not inhibit dexterity and they are even touchscreen enabled if that is something you are bothered about.

A great pair of gloves for beginners or people who wear through gloves quickly.

If you want a more tactical style glove, or a glove that fits your hand like… well a glove. Then there are better options than these ones.


Hot Shot Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mitten


A great winter option here, and I love their versatility. With the mitten up, you can sit outside for hours at your basecamp or hunting lodge and have toasty warm hands.

But if you have a task to do then you can pull back the mitten and you have a full fingered glove that is ideal for outdoor activities like shooting. They are even touchscreen enabled. So, you can do most things, without taking them off.

I like the design of the camo, but it is the insulation that sets this apart from a lot of other shooting gloves. They are surprisingly thin considering how warm they keep you.

Not for the most extreme cold environments, but you are going to have issues with any glove that is good for shooting in those environments.

But considering the warmth of the glove, to then be able to pick up a gun and shoot. This glove is hard to beat.

The grip is reasonable and is adequate for cold weather, but it is an area they could look to improve on. The material seems a bit cheap, but it does the job.


Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves


These are an excellent jack of all trades tactical glove, and a part of a good tactical glove allrounder is one that allows you to shoot in them. Which these do.

I have used these for gardening, processing wood at a basecamp, bushcraft construction, and of course shooting.

It is a very comfortable glove that protects you from the cold but also protects you from the activities you are doing.

The palm is made from reinforced synthetic suede, and the backs and fingers are reinforced with rubber protectors.

What makes the glove suitable for shooting is that the trigger finger does not have the rubber backing, so you are able to get that finger onto the trigger on all but the most compact firearms.

The glove is suited to people where shooting is part of a day or a multiday trip/adventure. They are not suitable for competition or precision shooting.

These gloves are so versatile that I have a pair in my Bug Out Bag, and I keep another pair in my truck. 


Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves


These are full fingered and armoured tactical gloves, with knuckle protection making them great for hand-to-hand combat but they are surprisingly dextrous and supple for shooting too.

They are really comfortable, and you can wear them all day, doing a whole host of things, and you will not notice any discomfort or clamminess. In fact, these are one of the best ventilated gloves that I have owned.

The leather palm is great for gripping and performs well in really wet conditions.

They are widely used by soldiers, which is a clear sign these are a functional tactical glove, suited to a range of activities.

I have done a lot of shooting in these on the range, in sandboxes, and in the forests… and I have always been impressed by them.

Even though they are a solid shooting glove that allows you to do a wide range of tasks, they are not an all-year-round glove.

They are a 3-season glove for me, because they are almost too well ventilated. They do not provide any protection against the cold.

They are great for people who live in warmer climates, and where shooting isn’t your primary use for them. But don’t get me wrong, they are a good shooting glove for most situations and people.


PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves


They are not a lifer glove, where a one-time purchase is going to cover you for years. 

I use them as a one-off glove, where I buy them for a specific multiday adventure. Then they might be done with, if you have put them under some serious usage on that trip.

This is not to suggest they are poor quality and made from sub-par materials, far from it. They are actually really well made and comfortable.

It is just like their name suggests; they are designed for “full dexterity”, so they are meant to be light and supple. They are designed to give you excellent grip, but maintain your finger feel.

They are a tactical glove that wants you to be as “handsy” as possible, and that is what makes them great for shooting.

They are as close to having a naked hand as you can get with a tactical glove, but still fell like you are protecting your hands.

If dexterity is more important to you than durability, then these are a great choice. Like I said I use these for specific trips, they are not for daily use.


Purdey Calf Leather Shooting Glove with Velcro cuff


These are a premium glove, no wait, they are a luxury glove… pure luxury.

First off, they made from soft and supple calf leather, and they are handmade. They come in a huge range of sizes, which ensures you get a good fit… if you measure your hands correctly of course.

A snug fit is important as it allows the glove to do what it is meant to do. It doesn’t matter if you have the best shooting glove in the world, if it doesn’t fit your hands correctly then it might do more harm than good.

As well as the leather the glove is reinforced with Kevlar which increases the protection as well as adding a bit more heat resistance.

There is another little cool feature which I love, the glove has a split on the trigger finger, and you can fold it back. Meaning if you want to you can get skin on that trigger for extra feel, whilst having full protection everywhere else.

The only real problem with them is that they are above my pay grade really and they are too nice.

I find myself not wanting to get them dirty, and I am always ensuring I am careful with what I am doing in them so that I don’t damage them. Which can take the enjoyment out of the shooting for me.


ScentBlocker Trinity Glove


A great hunting glove, which is my current hunting glove of choice.

I have been on multiday hunts with these, and they have done me proud. I never really know if the scent blocking claims work like they say they do, but the logic behind it make sense to me.

Animals are wily things, and you need every advantage in the book.

Like I say I don’t know how much scent I am giving off through my hands, so scent control is an intangible benefit and you just have to trust the marketing and that the glove does what it says it does.

The tangible features of a good hunting glove are; do they protect you hands from the elements and from your weapon.

You may be sat stationary for hours and days on end, and you may need to keep your hands warm. But you also need them to not inhibit your accuracy. And these gloves tick all those boxes.

You are often in the wilderness when you are hunting and there is nothing worse than returning from a hunt with bruised and scratched hands.

So, you do need a good level of protection and I have been very happy with the condition of my hands when I have been on extended hunts whilst wearing these gloves.

And quite frankly one of the main reasons I bought them, is that I thought they looked very cool.




The best shooting glove really depends on when, where, and what you are shooting.

If you are just starting out then I would recommend a tactical glove that is a jack of all trades, then if you get more serious about shooting. Then you can start to buy gloves designed for specific types of shooting that you regularly do.

There are loads of good budget options for you to buy, but if you want a really high-quality shooting glove that lasts then you will probably have to spend a bit more money. But that is the same with most purchases isn’t it.

So, what is the best shooting glove, will likely depend on how seriously you take your shooting.

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