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Saint Edge Pistol Review

Choosing the right pistol or a shotgun can be a tough decision for everyone, even if you are an expert!

This article will discuss one of the best guns on the market, the Saint Edge Pistol and help you to evaluate if it is a good fit for your purposes.

Of course, like every other product, Saint Edge also has its share of cons to balance out those gleaming pros, and in this review, we will try to find out, whether you should spend your hard earned money on this pistol. Enjoy!

Let’s learn what Saint Edge Pistol is

The Saint Edge pistol is a creation of the Springfield Armory, and when it came to market, some of the armor enthusiasts named it the “ultimate” and the “best” pistol from this company known to humanity.

The company says that it is their magnum opus of the whole Saint range, and they made it in order to create a gun that fulfills all the defensive needs of a person “right out of the box.”

They added a lot of amazing features that make this particular gun almost a steal for its money (but not for everyone, though).

You can see that it was made with great thought behind it, and it is not just another product for a product; it is an armor masterpiece.

You might think that Saint Edge Pistol was created on the basis of other guns from the Saint series, but it is completely different, and may we say, better.

So, the pistol itself is an AR-15 style gun that is perfect for defensive purposes. It is lightweight, weighs about five pounds, but it is still a powerful model full of cool features for you to explore.

When you first hold it you feel like there is nothing in it, and with time, this pistol just becomes a part of your hand.

Despite being a little heavier than predecessors, the Saint Edge Pistol is like a delicate flower in your arms, with great power inside.

You don’t need to customize it: this pistol is perfect on its own, and we think that it may be the only one you need to defend yourself and your family.

Another cool thing about this pistol is that you can add many accessories to it. There are a plethora of different M-Lok accessories for the Saint Edge pistol but don’t get too excited.

Keep in mind that with every attachment, you lose a little of the lightness of this gun – one of the best features it has.

The features of Saint Edge Pistol 

Let’s start from the barrel of this awesome gun: it is very lightweight in comparison to other guns, and it is still the heaviest part of a pistol.

It is 10.3 inches in length, and it is Melonite coated with a 1:8-inch twist. When you hold this pistol, you will be confused why it is so short and light, but once you try it, all the doubts will go away.

The pistol’s barrel has a carbine-length gas system, and the barrel itself is very adjustable and was made by exclusive Springfield Armor’s design. It is both very functional and looks fantastic.

And, of course, your user experience with this barrel is something to die for.

As for the brace part of this gun, you will be equipped with the Maxim Defense CQB four-position brace that is adjustable too. Its adjustability is your best friend if you want to make this pistol even more lightweight and smaller in size.

You can make it exactly as you need it, forcing it to be even more accurate in your hands.

You can extend it or make it smaller — it is the part of the gun that is responsible for your comfort, so you need to spend some time with it and find out what is the best position for you with this gun.

If you think that you have already seen that brace somewhere, we can confirm that it is almost identical to some of the best PDW on the market, but this comes as no surprise.

Almost all of them were created by Maxim. However, the adjustability and overall comfort of using this brace win a lot of points in customers’ eyes for this pistol.

Nowm we move to Saint Edge’s receivers. The lower receiver has an Accu-Tite device on it, and you can be sure that both lower and upper receivers will be very tightly placed one in front of another.

It will ensure your personal accuracy and prevent you from excessive shaking during the shooting. You will find a small tactical addition to your lower receiver – the short rest trigger.

As we learned from reading the huge amount of reviews online, many people enjoyed this little feature a lot and find it one of the best ones from the gun itself, and the selling point for them personally.

You can easily release this trigger, and it will be the cleanest release in your life.

So, if you take a look at the upper receiver, you will find that it has M4 feed ramps – a nice feature you definitely need in the AR pistol, but not a lot of them have it.

The same applies to the forward assist feature of the upper receiver. The upper receiver can also brag about its, may we say, remarkable set of down or flip-up sights that provide you with a picture so great, it will blow your mind.

You can also use the optics there to make your shots as accurate as  is possible. In this case, the sights can be hidden under the receiver.

The one part of the gun that can be considered a little bit too old is a gas block. Here we have a Direct Gas Implement wet-up, inconvenient for some users.

But, let’s remember how adjustable this pistol is, and yes, we can see that it is a multipurpose gas block, and you can tune it. 

Just use the manual option that comes with this pistol and find out what you can do with it to improve your experience.

You will also need a hex key that is included with the gun, but overall, it is as customizable as the other parts of the pistol.

As for a charging handle, we want to mention that it is a new design that is unique even to the Springfield Armor’s range.

Its size is perfect, and you can hold it very tight and confidently, which is also beneficial to your accuracy once you are ready to shoot.

Pros and Cons of Saint Edge pistol

We now approach the part of the article where we need to make a choice and find out the potential drawbacks to this weapon.

There is no such thing as a product without flaws, so here we present to you our view on the pros and cons of purchasing a Saint Edge pistol.

Pros of Saint Edge Pistol

  • It provides you with extra accurate shooting. It is one of the most important features if you need to purchase a Saint Edge to protect your home. In this case, accuracy can be a question of life and death.
  • Pistol’s muzzle brake is very reliable, and you can be sure that you will not shoot somebody by mistake.
  • The pistol’s trigger is famous for its crispness, and, in addition, it is short enough to be one of the most comfortable triggers on the market. It makes shooting with this gun a pure joy. That’s why many of Saint Edge’s fans see it as a perfect tactical and defensive weapon.
  • The adjustable gas block that we have mentioned earlier. But it is still a very cool feature, so we feel the need to mention it twice!
  • Adjustability is incredible in the Saint Edge. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to adjust this gun, only able to read the manual, and boom! Here you have the most convenient and made-especially-for-you pistol in the whole universe.
  • Its overall look is very cool and somewhat mesmerizing. The internet has a lot of pictures of this gun because it is simply beautiful. The exclusive Springfield Armor’s design works great!
  • It is very maneuverable, and you can add a lot of cool accessories to make it even better. They are inexpensive, and you will get the maximum of the pistol’s potential.

Cons of Saint Edge Pistol

  • It is not cheap, and some can say that you can find better, maybe not so customizable, but still cheaper variants of pistols on the market that work as well as theSaint Edge.
  • Despite the pistol being marketed as an ultimate defensive weapon, it is still not that small. Lightweight, but not small. That’s why you can find it extremely uncomfortable to use it indoors if something happens, so it will force you to look for something smaller for your home defense.
  • You can’t carry this in your car as the law forbids it. You might want to consider a small handgun if you are looking for a weapon for this purpose.
  • The pistol’s barrel can get very hot while you are shooting, and some users advise you to have a pair of gloves on hand and use them while shooting from the pistol. This is the flip side of the low weight of this pistol, because the barrel is too thin and it gets hot from bullets very fast.
  • This pistol can’t be fired by one hand like other pistols since it is a somewhat hybrid between smooth barrelled and rifle barrelled weapons.  

Conclusion of the Saint Edge Pistol

Well, it was a long road, and we looked at many reviews from many real users, so now we can say some final words for this very unique pistol. As it is known, all the best things in the world are simple.

And we believe that it is this aspect that makes this pistol so awesome. It is easy to handle, easy to adjust, and it is so simple to use from the first time you use it that you feel that it must have neem made just for you.

As a defensive weapon, it is an amazing pistol, and we can probably say that this one is the best on the market.

At the very least, in an AR pistol family. It’s common to see criticism online because of the price, but what we also know, you must pay a reasonable price for great stuff.

We still think that Springfield Armor succeeded in their goal to create an almost perfect AR pistol.

So our final conclusion is very positive, and we do think that Saint Edge Pistol is a well-deserved representative of its family, and you should definitely add it to your gun collection if our article convinced you to!

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