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Mossberg 500 Flex Review

A good shotgun is not hard to find, but an excellent shotgun needs to be a lot more than just fine!

If you look at today’s gun market, you will find many fantastic shotgun variants available for purchasing.

It is very possible to become lost amongst all these great shotguns, so today, we want to talk about arguably one of the best shotguns on the market — the Mossberg 500 Flex shotgun.

It is a very versatile, convenient, and highly reliable firearm that is used everywhere in the United States. You can use it for a ton of various reasons; from house protection to hunting.

People who are long-time preppers or knowledgeable in survivalist topics will automatically say to you that if you want a shotgun, your first choice must be this amazing Mossberg.

In this review, we will reveal all the positive and negative sides to this firearm, learn about the flex system, dive into a world of additional parts for Mossberg, and find out if this is the one gun you need in your home. Enjoy!

Why Do You Need a Mossberg 500 Flex?

It is simple. The gun is perfect for the main two purposes of survival: protecting and hunting. If you are down in the woods or camping somewhere in a forest, a small pistol or even a rifle gun may not be adequate enough for you.

When you have Mossberg Flex on your side, you can be safe and confident that if anything and anyone attacks you, your loyal shotgun will protect you immediately.

One of the greatest aspects of this gun, that it is suitable even for the less experienced hunters.

It is easy to assemble, a pleasure to use, and even if you are a newbie, you will learn how to charge and fire with this shotgun in a matter of days.

The shotgun can even be used for wingshooting, where accuracy plays a very big role in a successful outcome.

The Mossberg has a very long barrel for this purpose — it is about twenty-eight inches long (more about this barrel and other kinds of barrels for Mossberg coming later in this article).

This should be a big factor to consider in the shotgun choosing process, because birds are usually the easiest to hunt in the wilderness. With Mossberg, you will have a constant supply of fresh food whilst surviving in the wilderness.

As for protecting your home, at first glance, it’s easy to say that this is a very long and inconvenient shotgun for this purpose.

However, statistics show that a lot of people who bought this gun say that it is perfect for home protection too.

In this case, our own choice is to believe a general consensus that claims the Mossberg 500 Flex a great option for multiple survival purposes, including self-protection.

Affordable and very fun to use

Another amazing quality that most of the people find amazing in Mossberg 500 Flex shotgun is its price. You cannot find any other shotgun that is this versatile, this good, this reliable, and this affordable.

If you are purchasing it as a prepper or survivalist, you can easily buy three of them for every member of your family.

With other shotguns, you might only be able to purchase one for the same price!

It is an amazing choice if you are looking for something on a budget or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gun that will be used only for self-defense or the odd hunting trip.

We think it's also safe to say that you can safely use mini-shells with this shotgun because the Mossberg 500 Flex has proven its reliability over time.

Most of the shotguns have issues with mini shells, but not the Mossberg 500.

We believe that using mini shells with this kind of gun will be a very new and fun experience, and you will not regret buying this gun even for this single purpose.

“Oh, Mossberg 500 Flex, a very versatile friend of mine!”

No one can deny that the Mossberg 500 is one of the most versatile and flexible guns on the market.

What does it mean? The number of accessories and additions you can buy in addition to your basic Mossberg 500 Flex model is truly impressive.

You can customize this gun however you like and play around with its characteristics in a matter of seconds.

Mossberg 500 Tactical Red Green Dot Sight Combo Home Defense Hunting Optics Accessory Tactical Aluminum Black Picatinny Weaver Base Mount Adapter Single Rail.

Where else can you find a shotgun that can be a deer hunting firearm, a bird shotgun, tactical weapon, and a gun for home defense? And all this in only one weapon!

Even with a basic Mossberg 500 Flex model, you can turn it into a lot of shotgun variants, removing just a part or two and changing it for things that are added into the basic model.

But this is far from all that this gun can offer you: you can purchase different accessories to this gun and make it even more versatile and ready-to-use in any circumstance.

No wonder that this gun is so popular among the preppers — we all really love tools and weapons that serve multiple causes and can be used in a broad range of ways.

According to the reviews of customers that purchased this gun, you can change these accessories very quickly and is a very easy and quick process you will wholeheartedly enjoy.

All attachments and accessories fit perfectly with one another, so you can be sure that your shotgun will stand up with authority in those critical moments.


You probably be aware that almost every modern shotgun can have multiple barrels, and you can change them whenever you want.

However, the Mossberg 500 Flex still stands out in this area because the assortment of barrels that can be attached to this shotgun is impressive.

You can add two different kinds of tactical barrels, making this shotgun a perfect survival weapon. One of them is about twenty inches long, and another is about eighteen and a half inches long.

As for hunting barrels, they are longer, and you can find twenty-four, twenty-six, and twenty-eight inch long variants for the Mossberg 500.

You can use it for goose, deer, and pig hunting in the wilderness. These barrels cover almost every hunting need of a typical survivalist.

Other Detachable Parts of The Mossberg 500 Flex

Barrels are not the only part of this shotgun that can be changed for you. The accessories range of Mossberg 500 Flex also includes:

A very, and we mean very, wide range of stocks.

This range starts with different standard 13,5-inch stocks available in three different colors: light camouflage, dark camouflage, and black.

Next, you can also add two standard stocks in black color, that is 12,5-inch and 14,25-inch long.

As for non-orthodox stocks, Mossberg 500 Flex offers you adjustable dual combo stocks in camouflage and black, adjustable tactical stock, and our favorite: a pistol grip.

Various forends that include three standard versions in dark camouflage, light camouflage, and black.

Streamlight 69600 TL-Racker 1000 Lumen Forend Light for Selected Mossberg 500/590 Models with CR123A Lithium Batteries, Black, Box

Of course, there is also an option to change the forend of your Mossberg to the tactical railed forend, available in black.

As for recoil pads, you can choose one of three sizes...

0,75 inch, 1,25 inch, and 1,5 inch. This particular part of the gun offers you a lot of variabilities, and you can make the shotgun very comfortable and adjust it strictly for your needs.

A light attachment that works as a flashlight on your shotgun.

It is a must-have for Mossberg 500 Flex if you plan on purchasing it for house protection.

This flashlight will be securely mounted on your shotgun and will give you a great advantage over any intruder that will dare to break into your house.

You will be fully covered with this powerful light in the dark of the night, and the burglar will not have a choice but to surrender.

Shockwave Raptor Grip.

It is an interesting attachment that will help you to gain the full experience of using this shotgun. It has a tactical edge too, which we think you’ll love.

A Great Gun for Everyone

The Mossberg 500 Flex also gained its popularity due to the fact that this shotgun perfectly fits both women and men.

Even teens (that are now eighteen, of course) can use this gun very comfortably, and you can be sure that your kid will learn how to shoot with this gun, fast!

Many customers say that they have never held a gun so comfortable and easy to use.

When you use it once or twice, we’re confident you will see how much more successful your shooting attempts were, compared to your regular shotgun.

We believe that it was created for your comfortable usage, and it serves its main purpose very well.

What are the cons of buying a Mossberg 500 Flex?

Since it is a relatively affordable shotgun, it’s difficult to draw out too many critiques as they are automatically compensated for by the low price.

But, we do love to be as constructive and objective as possible, so we want to also point out some of the drawbacks of the Mossberg 500.

The Mossberg 500 has an aluminum receiver that some of the experienced gun enthusiasts find to be slightly unreliable.

It is a minimal complaint, but still, it can be a problem for some people.

It is a workable and reliable model, but there is nothing special or fancy about it.

You may find that this shotgun is a bit simple and not particularly refined compared to other options. This is true, and you can easily find more capable, fancier shotguns on the market if you are willing to expand your budget.

You don’t have an option to add an extended magazine to this shotgun

The pistol stock attachment can make this shotgun look a little bit ridiculous, especially with longer barrels. Also, the safety part of the shotgun is hard to reach when you are using a pistol grip stock.

Overall, we find that the list of cons for this shotgun is far shorter than the list of pros, and it is still a great option for home defense or hunting.

But it is your choice, so you can now decide for yourself if the positive aspects of the Mossberg 500 Flex shotgun outweigh its drawbacks. The choice is yours!  

Mossberg 500 Flex Conclusion – 8/10

We believe the Mossberg 500 Flex is one of the most versatile and easy to use shotguns that’s currently available in the modern market.

It can be used for a wide range of situations; one gun brings a whole arsenal to your home or outdoor pursuits.

Even if you don’t like hunting and do not feel the need to have a shotgun that was made for survival, the Mossberg 500 Flex is still a great option for you. With this shotgun, your home will always be protected and safe.

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