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Best Tactical Combat Knives

The 8 best military and combat knives you should buy   The best military knives would only include knives that the military use. The best combat knives would only include knives specifically for close quarter fighting. I believe that the best tactical combat knives include knives used by militaries, knives specifically used for combat situations, […]

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Best Fixed Blade Knives

The 11 most reliable and versatile fixed blade knives you can buy   The knife has come a long way from its humble beginnings as cracked piece of stone, and they have always been an important tool in our evolution as a species. There are a huge range of fixed blade knives you can buy […]

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Wilson Combat EDC X9L Review

Is this the best defensive gun on the market?   The Wilson EDC X9 was an excellent EDC firearm, but Wilson have outdone themselves and brought out a full sized, accurate, and powerful defensive handgun… the Wilson Combat EDC X9L.   Who are Wilson   I am sure you already know but Wilson are one […]

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Best Portable Wood Stoves

Ditch the gas and go primal in style with the 4 best wood burning stoves   First off, I need to define what I am going to review in this article. Generally speaking, a portable wood stove could be a small fire box that replaces your Jetboil in your backpack, but it could also be […]

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Best Survival Books

The 15 books every survivalist, prepper, and homesteader should own   Amazon is great, as everyone has an almost limitless number of books they can now buy with the click of the button. I remember when you actually had to go to a city or large town to go to a bookshop or a library. […]

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Best Entrenching Tools for Survivalists

Entrenching tools have been around for thousands of years, and they have a whole range of applications. Plus they have many different names like Intrenching tool, E-Tool and Trenching tool. They were famously used as far back as the Roman Empire. The Romans Army were expert engineers and would build fortified camps with spades every […]

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Best Tactical Gloves

What are the best tactical gloves on the market, and why?   Tactical gloves are primarily used by the police and military, the best tactical gloves should protect the user from the elements but also from physical threats to the hands. The palm is generally made from Leather, and the knuckles/back are usually made from […]

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Best Credit Card Multitools

The 5 best credit card multitools for any occasion   The best credit card multitool would be one that located and then allowed you to chop down that money tree, that every survivalist, prepper, camper, and hiker secretly needs. Because just when you think you have everything, there is always something awesome that comes your […]

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Best Survival Backpacks

Camping and hiking are popular hobbies, many different people in the world adore. Here at TheSurvivalSpirit.com, we’re certainly not the exception! But these kinds of trips require a lot of equipment to feel comfortable and safe in the wilderness. You need all the tactical tools and devices – your sleeping bag, a food supply for […]

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Off Grid Trailers Review

Living off the grid is a new trend of the twenty-first century. This trend perfectly mirrors our unstable times after the recession, and now people want to experience something more stable and overall, an easier way of living without the negative aspects of modern life. We also cannot forget the hard times of COVID-19 we […]

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