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Homesteading For Beginners

A step-by-step guide to self-sufficiency   The modern world is almost too easy, and you have everything you want at a click of a button or under one supermarket roof. Having bananas in the fruit aisle all year round isn’t normal and living like this means you consume without thinking or knowing what the area […]

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Making a DIY Indoor Mosquito Trap

How to make an indoor mosquito trap: A step by step guide   Mosquitos are an absolute nuisance, there is nothing worse than being tucked up in bed and hearing that familiar buzz. Whilst mosquitos are an important part of the ecosystem and are not being malicious, they are not something you want in your […]

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SHTF Plan - How to Survive a Crisis

Preparing for hard times is always a sensible thing to do. However, life sometimes throws surprises that none of us could have possible foreseen or prepared for. In this, SHTF (when sh** hits the fan) plan scenario, it’s important to have a particular set of skills that you can adapt to any situation. Today we […]

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How To Make a Survival Lanyard

Usually, the easiest to use tools are the ones that have the most use in your survival kit. Today we want to explore the exciting word of lanyards, the smallest of but, oh so important, things that you can use in your survival kit. Survival lanyards are created to help you with easy access to […]

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Ultimate Guide to Tripod Lashing

Whether you are just out for a night wild camping in the woods, or you are building a more permanent base. Then the ability to use a tripod structure in your construction plans, is vital. What is tripod lashing? This is the method of tying together 3 poles, that enable you to turn them into […]

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Opening a Can Without a Can Opener

It is lunchtime in the forest, and you and your friends are craving those delicious canned beans you brought there to cook! Now you are facing a problem. You have your beans, but there is no can opener! In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can use the simple items around you […]

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Parts of a Gun - Gun Anatomy

The first and foremost thing that you need to know about guns is their anatomy. They are lethal, yet complex devices that requires diligent care and attention. For these reasons we believe only knowledgeable owners deserve to have a weapon in their home. In this article, we look forward to sharing information on both the […]

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Guide to Emergency Candles

Today’s phenomenally advanced civilisation would have been incomprehensible to our ancient ancestors. However, it’s often the simplest of things that will ensure survival during the toughest of circumstances. In this article, we will talk about an old but very reliable source of light in the times of blackouts and electricity shutdowns: emergency candles. They possess […]

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How to Make a Spear

In ancient times, a spear was one of those weapons that helped the human race survive and become the ultimate hunters. We’re still evolving, and our tools will naturally evolve with us. However, we can use this ancient masterpiece, even nowadays, to hunt for food, to protect ourselves, and survive. In this guide, we will […]

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How to Start a Fire With a Battery

Fire, water, and food are essential things that you need for successful survival. You can find food and water in the wilderness, but controlled, natural fire is very rare. If you do encounter natural fire on your travels, you will almost certainly be running away from it! Today, in our article, you will discover a […]

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