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Ultimate Guide To Pheasant Hunting

The 18 top Pheasant shooting tips you need to know Shooting game birds is one of the most enjoyable forms of hunting in my opinion, and shooting Pheasants is one of the most fun game birds to shoot. Pheasant shooting is a great introduction into hunting for beginners but has the complexity that can test […]

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How To Tie a Clove Hitch Knot

10 easy steps to tying a double hitch knot   This is a widely used knot, from bushcraft, to climbing, to sailing. It is so simple that it can be done with one hand, which is one of its main advantages and is what makes it a classic outdoor knot that you need to know. […]

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How To Field Dress a Deer

The 10 steps you must take to properly field dress your deer   Congratulations you have killed your first deer, and now you have a lot of delicious lean meat for you to tuck into. However, your job is not done so don’t crack open a beer just yet.   Reporting   Depending on where […]

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Ultimate Guide to Long Range Hunting

Everything you need to know to take out game at 1000 yards   It is no more or no less ethical to hunt and kill and animal with a bow and arrow at 30 yards or killing an animal with a precision rifle at 1000 yards. Hunting is about skill levels, experience, and respect for […]

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How to Sharpen an Axe

You should look after all your tools, but you should definitely look after your axe. A dull axe isn’t just an annoyance, it can be damn right dangerous. If a dull blade does not lodge for a clean cut, but instead glances off the piece of wood you are aiming at then some serious accidents […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Turkey Hunting

A step by step guide to Turkey hunting   Hunting is an often-misunderstood sport or lifestyle. It is a great way to learn a skill, spend time in nature, spend time with friends, get a feel of how our ancestors lived, but you will only get true satisfaction if you actually get something at the […]

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Ultimate Guide To Living Off Grid

How to live off grid and be self sufficient   A lot of what people think living off the grid is, is just some degree of self-sufficiency. For the purpose of this article, I will class living off the grid as meaning that you live somewhere where you are not hooked up to any public […]

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How To Make Pine Needle Tea

Pine needle tea is really delicious and it is pretty easy to make, so let’s get right into it!   How to make Pine Needle tea   Ingredients A means to boil water Water Pine needles   Step one   Gather some pine needles from a green white pine aka Pinus Strobus for instance. The […]

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How To Preserve Meat

5 Ways to store meat without a refrigerator   Meat is a nutrient dense and bioavailable source of calories, and the protein that meat contains is essential to human health. However, meat isn’t just about the essential amino acids as it also contains essential fats, vitamins, and minerals. Essential means that you body cannot make […]

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Toilet Paper Alternatives

The 14 best toilet paper replacements in an emergency   Toilet papers will always be around, right? Well don’t be so sure. In 2020 we saw how the unprepared rushed out and stripped shelves bare. Yet if they just bought normally, there would have been no supply issues. Way back in 1973, Johnny Carson made […]

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