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How To Field Dress a Deer

The 10 steps you must take to properly field dress your deer   Congratulations you have killed your first deer, and now you have a lot of delicious lean meat for you to tuck into. However, your job is not done so don’t crack open a beer just yet.   Reporting   Depending on where […]

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Ultimate Guide to Long Range Hunting

Everything you need to know to take out game at 1000 yards   It is no more or no less ethical to hunt and kill and animal with a bow and arrow at 30 yards or killing an animal with a precision rifle at 1000 yards. Hunting is about skill levels, experience, and respect for […]

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Toilet Paper Alternatives

The 14 best toilet paper replacements in an emergency   Toilet papers will always be around, right? Well don’t be so sure. In 2020 we saw how the unprepared rushed out and stripped shelves bare. Yet if they just bought normally, there would have been no supply issues. Way back in 1973, Johnny Carson made […]

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Best Survival Tents

The 7 best tents for emergency preparedness   If you find yourself outside in the wilderness and it is getting dark, you best have access to some shelter. Whether that is a natural shelter like a cave, a wood shelter built from sticks and leaves, or a 3rd option is to carry a shelter with you […]

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How To Clip Chicken Wings

Chicken wing clipping – 10 steps for beginners   Owning chickens is awesome and there a lot of reasons everyone should keep chickens, but they are especially useful to homesteaders and people interested in some level of self-sufficiency. For example:   Eggs   They supply you with a daily supply of tasty and nutritious eggs. […]

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How To Live in Your Car

A step-by-step guide to living in your car safely   Who in their right minds would want to live in their car, surely it is just one step away from living rough? Well, no not really. There are many valid and useful reasons for living in your car, and it doesn’t have to mean you […]

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How to Make a Deadfall Trap

A no-nonsense guide to trapping your own food   There are many reasons you may want to trap your own food. Firstly, it is a very important skill to have if you are in an emergency survival situation, where you need food to survive. You may want to have trapped food, as part of your […]

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Mint Seeds - How and Why You Should Grow Them

How to grow them and why you should   Mint (or Menta) is a plant, with between 13 and 24 species. That seems like a wide range but they easily cross pollenate and they are difficult to distinguish between. Some of them are more famous than others, for example peppermint and spearmint are now widely […]

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Homesteading For Beginners

A step-by-step guide to self-sufficiency   The modern world is almost too easy, and you have everything you want at a click of a button or under one supermarket roof. Having bananas in the fruit aisle all year round isn’t normal and living like this means you consume without thinking or knowing what the area […]

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The Best Tactical Walking Sticks

Surviving (in its rawest form) is the purist of the naturalistic skills that cannot be underestimated on any level! Some of you who you have come to this article may feel tactical walking sticks, don’t fit the bill in this sense. However, we all need a tool from time to time to help us out […]

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