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Smart Slide Glock Review

Radetec ‘s Digital Round-Count Display At the end of the day a firearm only really needs to shoot straight and not fail you when you need it. However, we know that firearms can do more than that nowadays and Radetec are one of those companies that are pushing the envelope. Who are Radetec They are […]

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Mossberg Patriot 308 Review

The best budget hunting rifle you can buy   I own two Mossberg Patriot rifles (the Predator and the Vortex Combo), which I will concentrate most of the article on but they are effectively the same gun so I will try not to repeat myself too much when taking a deeper dive on them.   […]

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Best Hunting Rifles

The Top 10 most accurate rifles for hunting   There is no rifle that is perfect for every hunter, and you will not see all the top hunters using the same rifle. This is because all humans are different, with different sized hands, arm length, and strength. There are also many different terrains and conditions […]

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Guide To Remington Shotguns

The 5 Remington shotguns you must own   I have owned many Remington guns from their range of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Whilst they are all excellent, I just think their Shotguns have a little extra magic about them.   Guide to Remington Shotguns   So, without further ado lets have a deep dive into […]

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Ravin Crossbows Review

Are Ravin Crossbows worth the money   If you have even just a passing interest in crossbows, you will have likely heard of Ravin. They are a premier brand, that demands respect from even the most experienced crossbow hunters. Yes, Ravin Crossbows are relatively expensive, but they are only truly expensive if they do not […]

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Best Semi-Auto Shotguns

The Top 10 best semi-automatic shotguns you can buy   Shotguns are great guns for all occasions, from a beginner user, home defense, hunting, tactical usage, and sport. The semi-automatic shotgun takes the standard shotgun and pump action shotgun to the next level, allowing you to shout round after round in quick succession. You load […]

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Ultimate Guide to the "300 Win Mag"

The .300 Win Mag is probably one of the most famous cartridges on the planet. It is a true all rounder that can provide you with long range accuracy but also stop a large animal up close and personal. It might not be the best cartridge out there in every situation, but it does damn […]

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The Schofield Revolver

A brief history of the Smith & Wesson Model 3   If you have ever seen a Western movie, then you will have seen the Schofield Revolver. It is famous in the movie world but also in real life.   The Schofield Revolver at the movies   Like I have said the Schofield Revolver has […]

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Best Double Barrow Shotguns

The 8 best double barrel shotguns on the market today   The double barrel shotgun is probably one of the most recognisable firearms to the general public, mainly through its wide-ranging use in a range of different movie genres. From a posh English villain in his mansion doing a bit of clay pigeon shooting before […]

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Henry Survival Rifle Review

How good is the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7   Are you looking for a survival or a takedown gun? If yes, then Henry has probably made the most well know gun there is… but is the Henry Survival Rifle any good? Let’s have a look.   Why is the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 classed as […]

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